Why You Need A Home Music Studio

Fed up of travelling to and from a music studio just to practice or teach? Building a home music studio accommodates for both music producers and teachers.

Creating Your Own Home Music Studio

Calling all music creators and lovers! The days of travelling to and from public or rented music studios are over. With so many ways to extend your home, more and more people are investing in creating their own home music studio.

Home studios provide the perfect private haven to let loose and experiment. It also ensures that your house doesn’t end up cluttered with musical equipment and technology. Lack of space is the most common reason producers and teachers branch out to renting shared space. However, people are wanting to be able to work from the comfort of their own home. If you’re in this industry, take a look at these reasons you need a home music studio.

Easy Set-Up

Choosing how you want to create your music studio can be a lengthy process. With so many methods of home extensions to choose from, it is important you thoroughly research and choose an option best suited to you.

One thing that makes our products so popular for this use is the privacy aspect. Our garden rooms are built completely free-standing in your garden. This means that any sound cannot be transferred into your home, making it the ideal solution for those that have children.

The process of planning and constructing one of our buildings is much simpler than other methods of home extension. With a construction window of 1-4 days, you can start settling into your brand new space within a week. Being fully-insulated and suited for year-round use, you can use your studio whether it be rain or shine!

Enhance Your Skills

If you work alongside producing or teaching music it can be hard to find the spare time to get yourself down to your local studio. Or when you are there, you are on a time limit or are worried about how late you are going to make it back.

Your own studio space at home means you can spend longer doing what you love, whilst being at home. With longer time spent in your home studio in comparison, it is undoubtedly going to enhance your skills more than they would be while on a time scale. Enjoy the time spent at your home studio learning and practising for longer intervals at home.

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It’s understandable that life can get in the way. With work alongside various other things, flexibility is key. Rather than working around the schedule of other people – work around yourself!

Having a music studio installed at home allows you to plan your hours around your day, meaning you can still get the stuff you need to complete. With no rushing around and tight schedules, you will find this a much more convenient method.

Teach At Home

If you’re currently a producer who hasn’t yet dabbled into teaching or having students – this is your opportunity! No matter the genre of music you specialise in, teaching others your vast knowledge is going to be extremely valuable – as well as fun.

If you’re already a teacher, why not bring your business home. Coming back to our previous point, if teaching if your livelihood, flexibility can be life-changing. All in all, for someone like a music teacher, constructing your own studio is a smart investment that sees a return.

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Innovative & Fun

Spicing up your home with this innovative new addition is proving to be extremely popular in the world of home design. So if you’re looking for a unique addition to your home, this definitely takes the trophy. A music studio is a very niche home addition, which can most definitely make your home stand out in the market.

Spend more time creating unique and innovative masterpieces in the tranquil peace of a home music studio.

Be Your Own Boss

If you’re hoping to make your livelihood in this area of work, then it is most definitely worth the investment. What is better than being your own boss!

This combines a few of our previous posts into one, with the flexibility and control you can plan work around your life by being your own boss. There are many perks of being your own boss, making time for your family being one of them, and being able to come and go as you please.

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Begin Creating Your Own Music Studio

These are just a few of the main benefits of not only working from home but also having your own music studio. Your options are endless when you have your own space to let your creative flair run free.

Our garden cabins are the ideal space for a home music studio. Being available in a variety of different designs, sizes and styles ensures that we have a product suited to everyone. We would like to note that we do not offer soundproofing option with any of our buildings.

However, we do offer an acoustic pack which reduces the noise transfer to approximately -45db. Please also bear in mind that the more glass you have in your garden room, the less of the effect from the acoustic pack. You can take a look at one of our previously installed music studios here.

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Building Measurements

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