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Work from Home in 2021

23rd November 2020

Why are Garden Offices the Ultimate Work from Home Solution for 2021?

Finding a space to work from home in for 2021 is the top of the priority list for many. For far too long have we been perched in small box rooms, on kitchen counters and on dining room tables. So, here are our thoughts on how things might be different next year.

garden office with double bi-folding doors

Pictured: 7.5m x 3m Expression Garden Office


The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Working from home was not so long ago considered a perk of the job, however, the much-longed-for 30-second commute, for many of us, has finally become a realisation. Prior to the global pandemic, we would have spent 492 days of our lives commuting to and from work and inevitably, Covid-19 has brought about a catalyst of change. Businesses are now seeing the benefits of reducing costs by giving up office spaces, and with commuting now significantly reduced, one of the biggest winners out of this situation is the environment.

With this in mind, there’s no doubt that the “new normal” of home working is, quite clearly, here to stay.

The general consensus is that working from home is wholly positive and can provide a better work-life balance. Whilst this is true, there is evidence to suggest that this can be quite the opposite, with staff working later than usual as they battle to “switch-off” when their working day is over.

So, what’s the solution?

two garden offices

Pictured: Left – 4m x 3m Pinnacle Garden Office | Right – 4m x 3m Edge Garden Office


Work from Home in a Garden Office

If you’re looking for the ultimate space to work from home in for 2021, Green Retreats have long been advocates for utilising your garden to create extra space, no matter the use. One of the most popular uses for our garden rooms are garden offices for customers who need extra space to work in, at home, away from the house. Our garden offices provide the ultimate work from home space that gives clients the best of both worlds, an office to work in without the distractions of home life and when it’s time to finish, you can walk away and lock up and resist the urge to open the laptop.

Garden offices from Green Retreats provide space to work in all year round and are available in hundreds of style and size configurations to suit almost any garden space and budget. Sizes start at just 4m² and go up in half-metre increments all the way to 30m² with width and depth choices to suit the client’s use.


The Undeniable Data

There is no doubt that garden rooms, offices and studios, that were once in an emerging market, have now become the solution to working from home for those who need dedicated space from which to do so. No matter how 2021 pans out, it seems as though garden offices are set to be an ever-popular addition to people’s homes for years to come.

garden office google trends 2020 lockdown and lockdown 2

Google Trends Data: 2020 has seen an explosion of interest in garden rooms and offices


What are the Rules?

Garden rooms generally do not require planning permission because they fall within permitted development rights. Garden rooms are classed as ‘outbuildings’ and as such can be built without permission as long as customers comply with permitted development guidelines.


Choosing a Garden Office Company

Whilst there are plenty of options out there for customers to look at, Green Retreats have become the go-to provider for the turn-key solution to garden offices. With modern showrooms in Buckinghamshire and Twickenham, unparalleled customer service, a 5* Trustpilot rating and an enviable environmental policy, Green Retreats are the clear choice when choosing a garden office provider in 2021.


Key Facts and Prices

Prices start at £15,745, which includes all of the essentials; a choice of doors, a window, internal wiring, flooring choices, plus much more. Prices also include the concrete pile base, full installation and VAT.

– Designed and built in the UK
– 10-year guarantee
– Eco-friendly
– Insulated, weatherproofed and heated for year-round-use
– Planning permission rarely required


Want to Work from Home in 2021? Get in touch!

We’d be delighted to help with your work from home plans for 2021 and talk to you about our garden offices. Please fill out the form below and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss your ideas. Alternatively, call us on 01296 325777 or email

For more inspiration, take a look at our videos!

Our garden rooms are priced based on the internal sizes rather than the exterior footprint, making it easier for you to plan your work space. A commercial unit from Green Retreats could end up saving you a fortune from the costs of renting a workspace alone. The price includes base, installation and VAT so there are no (nasty) surprises when it comes to final payment.


Building Measurements

You can get a great idea of how your new garden office will look by using the 360 degree rotating viewer.

Also compatible with mobile and tablet devices


Design Your Building

Start designing your garden room today using our online Visualiser tool. You’ll be able to choose your style, size, finishes and get an accurate cost.

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