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Working From Home During Coronavirus

18th March 2020

With recent events as you have probably seen in the news, coronavirus has been changing the way people live their daily lives both at home and during business hours. Working from home is just one of the ways that the government are attempting to tackle the spread of this new disease.

Working From Home Temporarily & Permanently

During this global situation, self-isolation and social distancing are paramount. Businesses are encouraging this by sending employees to work from home. You may already be doing this by already being home-based, but if this is a new situation for you, we have devised the main benefits and everything you need to know about working from home.

The Benefits Of Working From Home


Office life tends to come with lots of rules and regulations which must be rigorously abided by. Like working hours, assigned lunch breaks, smart dress code, and much more. Minor inconveniences, we know – but you get to make the rules when you own your own business, primarily if you work from home. Working hours are decided by yourself. Therefore if you need to get a job done, then you have the freedom to determine how and when to get it done.

Not just this, but anyone who works in an office environment will also know the bane of commuting to and from work. Being stuck in gridlocked rush hour traffic becomes draining and dramatically affects your fuel consumption. Did you know the average time a Brit spends commuting per day is 48 minutes, and that every 1 in 7 employees are now spending over two hours commuting.

That is a lot of time that could most definitely be better utilised. Spend your time wiser by cutting out your commute. A home office is a quicker, more cost-effective solution, and cuts out costly and unnecessary travel, while being the simplest method of home extension.

person working from home

Raised Productivity

With more time on your hands without the need for commutes, you have more time to focus on your business and the quality and level of work you produce. Use this opportunity to focus on business growth, and ways you can push your business.

Having your own business opens up a lot of avenues based on experience and promoting growth: directors, manager roles, marketing and even sales. Having your own business while gaining experience at the same time is excellent, and can open up different sectors and potential career paths.

Low-Risk Factor

Hiring out office space is costly, especially for a new business start-up. Starting a business from your home costs considerably less would typically work out better for you in the long run. For a startup business, a garden office is a perfect environment to begin your business venture and stay organised. This space is yours to do as you wish. And if your business takes off and you end up with a large office space downtown, you can always convert your space to garden storage, or even a home cinema!

homeoffice setting

Be Paid For Your Hard Work

Naturally, competitiveness in an office environment is common. If you work for a large scale business with hundreds of employees, unfortunately, recognition is rare. You may not see as much positive feedback or money from the fantastic job that you’re doing.

By running your own business, you’re entirely in charge of pay and will receive money that matches the quality of work you’re providing or services on offer. This allows people to earn more than what may be possible within a large scale company in a sea of individuals.

Time For Friends & Family

At this time, we would recommend minimal contact with family and friends and would like to promote contacting friends and family regularly via facetime or other video applications. Family and friends are certainly one of the most essential things in life. Working from home gives you more time based around yourself to spend with family and friends. Working from home means that your hour lunch break could instead be spent having lunch with a family member rather than at a desk.

Or if you feel the need for a well-deserved catch up with your best friend – natter over a coffee during your lunch break! Have more time for the people around you, without eating into valuable working time. The flexibility to fit in your friends and family is a massive appeal to those who decide to set up at home permanently. Fancy a holiday with your family? There are no holiday requests, and if you have the time, then the decision is single-handedly up to you. Your freedom is at its highest, as long as you maintain a work-hard mindset, you are your own successful manager.

What Is Self Isolation?

Self-isolation is the practice of keeping away from others, as well as keeping away from social areas like pubs and restaurants.

Work From Home & Social Distance

All in all, social distancing is being encouraged to everyone to reduce the transmission. This means that even if you feel well and are not showing symptoms, you should still take the precautionary measures of social distancing. You can find out more about this here.

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