Your Ultimate Relaxation Retreat

15th May 2019

Turn Your Garden Room into the Ultimate Relaxation Retreat

We can all relate to the problem of lack of space. Families get bigger, homes get smaller and we’re left with nowhere to escape to from the stresses of life when we need it most. This makes many of us turn to traditional notions to creating more space. This usually comes in the form of a home extension, where we very quickly realise that it’s not as simple as it sounds. Home extensions can often be extremely costly, with budgets being spread thin and often exceeded. Not only are they extremely pricey, but they are also a mammoth disruption to our lives, often causing us to have to search for alternative accommodation during the process.

Think Outside the Box

During the last few years, there has been a vast increase in the popularity of garden rooms. And when it comes to creating space, we couldn’t think of a better alternative to the costly home extension. Garden rooms very rarely require planning permission, which means that, depending on the space you have, they would be a much more convenient option for the oh so coveted space we all crave.

So, you’ve had your garden room installed. You have more space than you’d ever dreamt of and somewhere to disappear to for relaxation. Clearly, the next step is creating a space that feels like a haven.

Comfort Is Key

Whatever your style, one thing we can all agree on is comfort, and what better way to completely lounge out than with a squishy, comfy sofa. And make it a corner sofa for ultimate relaxation. Take inspiration from this marshmallow-y sofa from Swoon with its soft, rounded corners and plump seats. Choose from a variety of different colours to best suit you.

The next step to creating your ultimate chill out retreat would have to be the addition of a comfy pouffe. Not only do pouffes allow for more seating but also yet another item to kick your feet up on. We love this one from Maisons Du Monde. The shaggy wool gives it lovely texture as well as adding to its comfort and the colourful tassels add a fun element.

room with grey sofa and pouffe with tassels


To contrast the texture in the pouffe, go for a natural, hand-woven rug like this one. Textures are the ultimate key to creating a cosy environment. Don’t just take it from me though. The Danes have the perfect word that fully encompasses this feeling of cosiness and that word is hygge (hoo-ga).

room with grey sofa, pouffe with tassels and natural rug


And speaking of cosiness, what better way to bring that into your retreat than bringing in personal touches that make you feel warm and snug. These can be in the form of your favourite framed prints, bunches of flowers, lots of plants or your library of books to snuggle up with on the sofa. We think this is the key to creating your ultimate garden room relaxation retreat. Bringing in elements that are personal will give any space a unique cosiness which can’t be replicated.

roomwith grey sofa, pouffe with tassels, natural rug, fiddle leaf fig tree and two framed prints

Tips & Tricks

However you chose to dress up your space. Keep it personal and cosy! Try and avoid clutter as this will defeat the purpose of having a retreat to escape to. If you’re struggling for inspiration, we always find the best place to turn to is Pinterest. Get lost in the endless scrolling of home inspiration and while you’re there, don’t forget to give Green Retreats a follow for all your garden room inspo!

Sit back and watch it all come together!



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