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Our design and construction methods are meticulously engineered to provide the finest quality garden room product available on the market; and all at the best possible price.

You are guaranteed the same high-level quality throughout the entire product range from Green Retreats. As standard, each of our garden room buildings come with all the essentials you may need to get you settled into your garden room right away — all that would be required is your electrical connection to your home which we can quote for and complete for you.


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Design your garden room to your exact specification with complete control of window and door placement and choice of decorative design features with our online configurator.

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Our concrete mini pile foundation system is engineered to ensure that your garden room is perfectly level. Best of all, our bases are included in the price of your garden room as standard. Our system involves: Drilling for the piles at consistent measurements for your building and soil type, filling with concrete blocks and mix and then balancing with composite pads. Spirit and laser levels are used to ensure a completely flat base ready for installation.



With a choice of internal lights available as standard, both internally and externally, you can be sure that your garden room by Green Retreats will be practical on dusky days and dark evenings.



We can build you garden room as close as 400mm to any boundary or obstacle. To make the most of your home and garden we have developed our buildings using primarily non-combustible materials, meaning that we can safely install your garden room as close to any boundary or obstacle as possible.



Professionally wired internal electrics



All handles are fitted with insurance grade multi-point locks and bolts with a 5-lever locking system


Double Glazing

All doors and windows are fitted with hard coated Pilkington K Optiwhite ‘extra clear’ double-glazing — argon filled and fitted with a Planitherm layer and Swisspacer to provide superior insulation. Another way to keep you warm and energy efficient in your garden room.

garden room glazing options

Glazing Options

We can frost the glazing of your doors and windows at no additional cost — creating an obscured glazing that adds privacy to your garden room.


We provide guttering as standard on all garden room buildings, helping the flow of water to run off your garden room effectively. This can be positioned to the left, centre or right of your garden rooms rear wall.
We can also direct the guttering to a water butt for practical use in your garden (water butt not included).


Floor layers from outside to inside: Our 5-part composite steel floor panels consist of the layers: Powder coating, steel, high density foam polyurethane insulation, steel, powder coating, 4mm underlay then choice of flooring.
Our floors comfortably hold 220kg per square metre as a load capacity.


Roof layers from outside to inside: Our 5-part composite steel roof panels consist of the layers: Green Epoxy resin, steel, high density foam polyurethane insulation, steel, powder coating = 80mm roof panel
Our roofs have been engineered with a 4degree slope from front to back, allowing water to run to the back guttering system whilst creating an architecturally striking interior.


Standard Walls

Green Retreats engineer the structure of the insulation that sits within the wall panels of your garden room for a superior finish. The materials used are highly efficient to give excellent superior thermal insulation within your building to help to keep you warm all-year-round.

In every garden room we manufacture, we use a layer of PhotonWrap multifoil insulation, an air-open reflective insulating breather membrane.

What is PhotonWrap
  • PhotonWrap upgrades thermal performance without the risk of condensation
  • The air-open membranes allow more water vapour to pass though than an air-closed membrane
  • We use this pioneering technology within our wall sections to ensure that your garden room is fully insulated for year-round use

We then use a 50mm thick layer of Rockwool RWA45.

What is Rockwool?

Rockwool has excellent thermal and acoustic properties, and is also water repellent and resistant to high temperatures by holding the best fire classification possible (A1), whilst being far more eco-friendly as it’s constructed from natural materials.

Watch the video below to find out more about Rockwool:

The wall layers of your garden room from outside to inside:

1) A choice of either slow-grown, tanalised, pressure-treated cladding or the latest in composite external materials

2) A cavity gap designed to eliminate heat loss and house internal electrical wiring

3) A layer of PhotonWrap

4) A 50mm layer of Rockwool RWA45.

5) 15mm Melamine


Plaster Pack

Plasterboards are fixed to the walls and ceilings and skimmed to give a luxury and homely feel. Recessed electrical sockets are fitted as standard.

Skirting boards are provided in either oak or white finish. Due to the nature of plastering, the completion of your garden room with this option will be several weeks longer to allow for drying time.


Acoustic Pack

Our acoustic pack is a sound reducing method which results in a reduction of the transfer of sound by up to 45 decibels*. Recessed electrical sockets are fitted as standard.

Skirting boards are provided in either oak or white finish. Due to the nature of plastering, the completion of your garden room with this option will be several weeks longer to allow for drying time.

*Results may vary and are dependant on the amount of glass you opt to have on your garden room

Dedicated Customer Care Representative

Once you have ordered your garden room, you will be assigned your own dedicated Customer Care Representative.

Guarantee and Warranty

10 Years Guarantee on Building, Designed for a 30-year life, Maintenance Free

Dedicated Project Manager

A member of your installation team will become your dedicated project manager — ensuring that you have a point of contact throughout the entire installation process.

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