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Thinking about starting your own business with a home photography studio?

Our garden buildings are the perfect way to create extra space at home, expertly suited for your home business needs.

Working from home and having your own business opens up so many opportunities. Being free to pursue your passion professionally has great financial benefits, as well as giving you the freedom to create your perfect work/life balance.

Creating a professional workspace for your business can be difficult, especially if you are trying to work from home. Just imagine, bringing customer’s through the privacy and bustle of your home to a spare room in the house – doesn’t paint the picture of a professional outfit.

A garden building from Green Retreats has proven to be an expert solution for a quality home photography studio. Our buildings are a complete product with no hidden extras or costs. Cost-effective, rarely needing planning permission and installed in just 1-5 days – meaning starting your home business might be more achievable than you think!

Photography Studio Designs


Compact & contemporary

The Inspiration is our most cost-effective model that we have. Made up of simple yet elegant lines, it's designed to fit into smaller gardens with limited space.

Prices start from £16,745

See Inspiration Prices


Strikingly elegant

As a whole most of the summer houses on the market have a tradition style in mind. This is recipricated in our Expression model. With an elegant overhang and twinned with wooden side cheeks it radiates a traditonal feel.

Prices start from £19,245

See Expression Prices


A modern classic

A contemporary styled building with our siganture black pack. Fitted as standard, this includes the shaded deck and hood area at the front of the building. If you're looking for a modern spacious enviornment, this is a guaranteed hit.

Prices start from £19,245

See Edge Prices


Architecturally stunning

Architecurally stunning, this unique building is a contemporary ground-breaking design. Far away from traditional it makes a beautiful yet unique space.

Prices start from £20,245

See Pinnacle Prices

Customisable Studios

Your home photography studio needs to fit with your style of work. Whether you are looking for a space to shoot in or to edit, present and store equipment – we can help.

‘Make it Yours’ with a range of personalisation options. We include a range of options already incorporated in the price of your building, such as a choice of stylish oak laminate flooring. We also offer an extensive range of customisation options too – including partition walls, bi-fold doors, blinds, air-conditioning and so much more.

Top tip!: Blinds will help you gain full control of the lighting environment in your studio. And partition walls can help create waiting areas, changing rooms or storage cupboards!

Then simply kit out your building with the equipment and touches of personal style that makes it yours!

Work from Home with a Home Photography Studio

To make a success of your home business, you need to be sure that your working environment is conducive to a productive day. A garden building helps to give the perfect work-life balance. Being able to close the doors and walk away at the end of the day is a blessing that those of us who have worked from home before will appreciate.

What’s more, our buildings are fully-insulated to the same high standards are a modern home, making them warm and dry all-year-round. As well as being fully insulated in the walls, roof and floor, we also include a radiator in the price of every building. Your business can also run at any time of day that suits you too, with interior and exterior lighting included in the price.

Visit Our Showrooms

See the quality of our buildings for yourself by visiting one of our showrooms!
Our flagship showroom is in Buckinghamshire, close to Bicester Village shopping outlet. The showroom in Bucks is both indoor and outdoor, with 17 garden rooms on display in our all weather environment.

We have also recently opened a ‘hub’ showroom in Twickenham, London. There are 3 garden buildings to view as well as our Virtual Reality station… visit to find out more!

Payment Process

    £200 Holding Deposit Due
    50% Building Deposit Due
    Remaining Balance Due

Payment & Finance Options

Starting or expanding your photography business from home might be easier and more cost-effective than you think! We offer a range of finance options to spread the cost of your project over up to 10 years. Find out more…

Home Photography Studio Ideas

Your studio needs to suit your style and your needs. Our buildings are available in over 70 size variations starting from 4m² to 30m² internally, with options to create separate rooms with the use of partition walls and internal or external doors too!

inspiration garden room

Quality at Every Corner

Your photography studio building will be a lasting investment into your home and lifestyle. Every building from Green Retreats comes with a comprehensive 10 year guaruntee and is designed for a 30 year life. What’s more, each building is completely maintenance free, giving you one less thing to worry about.

We design and build our garden studios ourselves, using only premium grade materials for a superior result. Most of our building materials are sourced from within the UK too.


Built with care to the environment

We are green! We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. Our factory and offices are completely carbon neutral and we contribute zero waste to landfill. Where possible, we also use recycled or second-life materials in our constrcution where quality is not compromised. Find out more about how we care for our environment… 

Do I Need Planning Permission?

Generally not! We design our garden rooms to fall within your permitted development rights, meaning that for most of our customers having a garden studio building installed is as easy as adding a shed! (…a posh shed anyway!) 

There sometimes circumstances that mean you do need to apply for planning permission, however, we can help determine this with you at your free and no-obligation design consultation. And if you do need planning permission, we take care of the application for you. Simple and hassle-free!

Find out more about permitted development rights…

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You can get a great idea of how your new garden office will look by using the 360 degree rotating viewer.

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