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Garden Houses

Looking for extra space at home? Our garden houses are the ideal home improvement solution that allows extra space at home, as they say, don’t move, improve! Being extremely versatile allows our products to cater to a wide range of audiences and hobbies. Such as working from home, creative studios and even music studios!

What makes us different is the quality of our products. Constructed from durable materials that ensure our buildings are built to last. If it’s privacy you’re after, we have you covered! Our garden houses are not attached to your existing property, ensuring utmost privacy and personal space. Although not part of your home, your garden room will only be a short walk from your home into your back garden, allowing for you and your family to come and go as, and when you please. Available in a diverse range of traditional and contemporary designs, we have a product suited for all needs and every home design. Whether you want a cosy space or a wide contemporary open space, we can help you find something best suited for you.

Our Models


Compact & contemporary

Our simplest model, yet one of our most popular. Created with elegant lines it is perfect for more compact gardens.

Prices start from £11,745

See Inspiration Prices


Strikingly elegant

Our products being available being available in both traditional and contemporary designs is important. This is exhibited in the Expression building with elegant, yet traditional features.

Prices start from £14,745

See Expression Prices


A modern classic

One of our modern building styles, including a shaded deck with a hooded area placed at the front. Perfect for a modern addition to your home.

Prices start from £14,745

See Edge Prices


Architecturally stunning

A unique building with its beautiful architecture. The contemporary style is perfect for anyone looking for an unusual, yet stunning addition to the garden.

Prices start from £15,745

See Pinnacle Prices

Make your space comfy all year round. Customise how you want and make your room completely personalised. Although our products cannot be attached to your home, it can be decorated and has all of the amenities available in the rest of your home such as electricals and plumbing.

Striving for simplicity, our team are on hand to carry out a site survey when it suits you, to assess your space available, accessibility and advise you on your options and our materials. If planning permissions are needed for your building this will also be handled by our team. We understand that applying for planning permissions can be stressful, which is why our team handle the entire thing for you and keep you in the loop with regular updates. Our installation process causes next to no disruption to your home life, with a swift installation your garden room will be complete and is ready for use instantly.

Summer Houses

Why A Garden House?


A garden house accommodates for various purposes and uses. When compared to costly and intrusive other methods of home extensions, a garden home is the easiest and simplest form of adding extra space to your home. As a business, we believe in being clear with our pricing from the beginning. Which is why we base all of our pricing on internal footprint measurements as a simpler form for clients to envision the amount of space they’re getting. This also ensures that you get fair pricing for the space you will receive, as well as making it smoother and easier to understand with our price grids.

Everything you need to get your garden house started is also included in the pricing of your project. This includes windows, heating, doors and lighting. Not only this but you can also have electricals and plumbing if needs be – we offer a wide range of optional extras if you wanted to take your project even further.

Visit Our Showrooms

Our main showroom is based in Wescott at Westcott Venture Park. On display here are 18 different building models including Green Retreats, The Garden Office and The Annex. Our Twickenham showroom boasts our 3 most popular building models which are available for viewing. All of the building models on display at both of our showrooms are fully furnished and designed enabling our customers to experience them first-hand before starting their own project. Both of our showrooms being open 7 days a week ensure that booking in for visitations are no necessary – so feel free to drop in when it best suits you!

Payment Process

    £200 Holding Deposit Due
    50% Building Deposit Due
    Remaining Balance Due

Finance Options

Our buildings are now available on finance, our flexible options allow you to spread the cost of your project over 3-10 years with equal monthly instalments.

Our Building Sizes

In order to cater to our customers, we provide our products in a range of sizes. Whether you’re looking for something more compact and cosy, or a large open space we have something for everyone. All of our products are based on internal footprint measurements to allow customers to start planning their space layout and get all of the space being brought.

UK Manufactured Summer Houses by Green Retreats
Summer Houses Starting From £11,745
Garden Summer House by Green Retreats
Corner Summer House by Green Retreats
Year-Round Summer Houses

Our Process

Our buildings are durable and constructed out of only the best materials. Because of this our buildings can be used all year round, in the scorching heat or the freezing snow. We include insulation in your pricing alongisde an oil heated stand-alone radiator. As well as this we provide optional extras like underfloor heating for an extra heat boost during the Winter.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

Our garden houses are typically classed as out buildings, meaning that in most cases planning permission is not required. However in some cases they may but we will assess this in your site survey. If planning permission is needed for your project our team will handle the process for you, and keep you in the loop with regular updates.

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Using our configurator you can design your perfect garden office with minimal effort, ensuring it’s tailored to your own personal preferences and specifications.

You can get a great idea of how your new garden office will look by using the 360 degree rotating viewer.

Also compatible with mobile and tablet devices

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