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Garden Pods

Luxury Garden Pods

Garden pods are the latest trend in home improvement. Garden pods versatility makes them the perfect space-saving addition to any property. Home extensions, renovations or other methods of adding additional space are time-consuming and can interrupt your everyday life.


As a remote building, our stand-alone garden pods provide additional space that is away from your home, but still in close proximity. This provides the perfect opportunity to create and design a garden retreat that best suits your needs an preferences. Whether you want a relaxing yoga studio, an office space or even a home cinema, a garden pod is the most suited and quirky alternative to a traditional home extension method.


A beautiful exterior with finishes available in various natural materials, our gardens pods are the perfect addition to any property. Durable and made from the highest quality materials, our buildings are built to last. Complete with insulation and other components that mimic a room in your home, our products are suited for year-round use, even during the coldest Winter months.

Our Garden Pods


Compact & contemporary

The Inspiration is the ideal alternative as it is the most cost-effective range that we offer. Its design is comprised of simple, elegant lines so it will generally fit into smaller gardens with less space.

Prices start from £11,745

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Strikingly elegant

The majority of summer houses on the market are built in a more traditional style, which is something we encapsulate with our Expression range. The elegant overhangs to the front and side of the roof, twinned with the wooden side cheeks either side of the doors create a building with a more traditional feel.

Prices start from £14,745

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A modern classic

The Edge is arguably the most contemporary styled of our garden room range. Our signature “black pack” is fitted as standard to create the shaded deck and hood area to the front of the building, which is comprised of composite decking and natural wooden inserts. If you’re looking for a modern building that will create a space for you to use all year round away from the home, then the Edge might just be the building for you.

Prices start from £14,745

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Architecturally stunning

Much like the Edge, the Pinnacle’s appearance is contemporary and architecturally led to create something truly unique for our customers. Far removed from traditional summer houses and sheds, the Pinnacle offers you a garden room without compromise.

Prices start from £15,745

See Pinnacle Prices

The best thing about our garden pods is that they’re completely customisable. This not only accommodates a wide range of uses but also ensure that you can make your building personal and exactly how you want it. We like to make the process as smooth and simple as possible for all of our customers, which is why we handle the entire planning and building process. Our buildings do not always require planning permission, but in some cases, it may be necessary. In this scenario, our dedicated team will be on hand to handle the process and discuss with you.

Unlike construction on your property, we ensure that there is minimal disruption to your everyday life. Articulate attention to detail ensures that you will be left with a high-quality product that you are happy with. You can find more information on our process and manufacturing pages.

Summer Houses

Our Garden Pods

Here at Green Retreats, uniqueness is key. Which is why we have uniquely designed garden rooms to fit all design tastes and preferences. Honesty is also extremely important to us as a business, which is why all of our buildings have an exact price based on size. With price grids you can explore your pricing options easily, and find the building size and design best suited to you. We also offer finance options which you can apply for online and in the showrooms.

What makes us different is that with our buildings, included in the pricing is everything needed for you to get set up and comfortable. Heating, lighting, electrics, windows and doors are just a few examples of some of the components that will be included in your Green Retreat.

If you have any more questions about our products or process, check out our FAQ’s which detail our most frequently asked questions from previous customers.

Visit Our Showrooms

A garden room is a fantastic addition to your home, which is exactly why you should want to explore your options before making any purchases.

Green Retreats has both an indoor and outdoor showrooms that showcases 18 different variants of our garden buildings. We would be thrilled to give you a welcome tour around the entire showrooms to get a feel for the versatility and design of our products. Being open 7 days a week allows our customers to drop in whenever is convenient, without the need to make any appointments.

Payment Process
    £200 Holding Deposit Due
    50% Building Deposit Due
    Remaining Balance Due
Finance Options

Green Retreats now also offer flexible finance options across our entire building range. You can now explore the options of spreading out the cost of your garden pod over 3 to 10 years by paying monthly installments.


Our Garden Pod Sizes

We understand that our products will be required in different size options. Whether you want a small office, or a spacious home gym, we have it covered. To ensure that our customers pay for all of the space they’re getting, our product sizes are based on internal flooring measurements. This ensures that you’re guaranteed to receive the entire space that you want.

Internal measurements are simpler and give you a better idea of how your garden building is going to be laid out and sized.

UK Manufactured Summer Houses by Green Retreats
Summer Houses Starting From £11,745
Garden Summer House by Green Retreats
Corner Summer House by Green Retreats
Year-Round Summer Houses

All of our garden pods include insulation within the quoted price. This means they’re durable and ideal for year-round use. Heated as well as your home would be, we provide the perfect space-saving home addition.

We only create our buildings with the highest-quality materials in our local factory. Find out more details about our construction process on our manufacturing page.

Our Manufacturing Process

Do I need planning permission?

Due to the nature of our buildings, they are classed as outbuildings and do not usually need planning permission. Although in some cases planning permission will be required.

However, if this is the case, our dedicated team will handle the entire process for you.

You can find out more about your permitted development rights on the Planning Portal website.

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Using our configurator you can design your perfect garden office with minimal effort, ensuring it’s tailored to your own personal preferences and specifications.

You can get a great idea of how your new garden office will look by using the 360 degree rotating viewer.

Also compatible with mobile and tablet devices

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