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Our garden offices are rising in popularity as home businesses and working from home becomes more prevalent. Don’t move; improve! If your current home structure doesn’t accommodate a home office inside – why not take it outside? The quality of our products ensures that all of our building models are suited for a variety of different purposes and uses.

Constructed from locally manufactured durable materials, you have the guarantee that our products are built to last. One thing that needs to be guaranteed when you’re working from home is privacy and peace and quiet. Our building models cannot be attached to your home, which means you have your own office retreat away from the rest of your home. A lot of customers like this, as it means that there is no cross over between family and work life and that the two do not get intertwined. Only a short walk away from your garden; you can bring your business home or work from home in your personal space. We include everything needed to get your office space up and running as soon as construction is complete. Our pricing includes foundations, installation, electrical sockets as well as windows and doors.

Constructed from durable materials ensures your office space is suited for year-round use, guaranteeing a permanent solution that can be used through all weather conditions. Being entirely sealed and completely insulated like any other room in your home, you can create a cosy yet sophisticated office space at the bottom of your garden.

Our Models


Compact & contemporary

One of our simplest yet effective building models. Designed with simplistic designs and elegance, the Inspiration is best for smaller sized gardens.

Prices start from £12,245

See Inspiration Prices


Strikingly elegant

Design your home office how you like. With both contemporary and traditional designs available, we have something or everyone. Complete with elegant yet visually striking design features.

Prices start from £14,745

See Expression Prices


A modern classic

Our contemporary building style, complete with a hooded shaded deck area located at the front of the building, it is the perfect modern home addition.

Prices start from £14,745

See Edge Prices


Architecturally stunning

Our most unique building structure, with its stunning architectural design. Another contemporary style that is perfect for those looking for a quirky, yet elegant home addition.

Prices start from £15,745

See Pinnacle Prices

Customise your space and create the perfect year-round office environment. Every one of our building models has the amenities available that would be found inside a room in your home. For example, electrical outlets, plumbing and much more. Each of our building models is suited for office use, and don’t only provide you with a personal retreat, but a beautiful looking permanent product that requires no maintenance.

Before any products are installed, a free design consultation is required to assess your garden space. Our friendly team will also take into consideration obstructions and advise you on how your project can progress. We believe in working around our clients, which is why we offer slots that suit our customers – offering both weekday and Saturday slots. Our products tend to fall under permitted development rights so often do not require any form of planning permission. However, on the rare occasion where planning permission may be required our team are on hand to handle the entire process for you, making the process as hassle-free and straightforward as possible. A quick construction time allows customers to move into their new space within a matter of days, and get their office space up and running. With an average construction window of 1-5 days, creating a stylish yet durable office environment has never been so easy.

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Choose An Insulated Garden Office

Every single one of our buildings is completely insulated, guaranteeing an insulated garden office suitable for year-round use. As your business grows, or you want to become home-based, you will find yourself needing a peaceful and private office space. Working from the couch or at your breakfast bar becomes difficult, which is why a garden office is the most popular use of our products. With the option to include electrical components as well as plumbing, you can create an office space that includes amenities like a kitchen space or bathroom.

We believe as a business that transparency is vital. We base the cost on internal footprint measurements. Customers can easily visualise the space they’re receiving for the cost. As well as this, you are reassured that you’re receiving the space for a fair price – with no hidden fees.

To get you started straight away, we include everything you need to get into your office straight away in the cost. This includes windows, an oil-filled radiator, doors, internal and external lighting – and much more! To add a touch of luxury, we have a variety of optional extras to choose from.

Visit Our Showrooms

We have two showrooms that showcase our full range of products. Our main hub showroom located at Westcott Venture Park displays 17 different full-furnished building models that vary in shape, size and design. Our Twickenham showroom displays our 3 most popular buildings. We recommend visiting our showroom to experience our products first hand, and for a bit of old-fashioned try before you buy! No appointments are needed at either of our showrooms, so feel free to drop in whenever best suits you.

Payment Process

    £200 Holding Deposit Due
    50% Building Deposit Due
    Remaining Balance Due

Finance Options

We now offer accomodating finance options across each and every building model we offer. With flexible repayment methods, you can spread the cost of your project over 3 – 10 years with monthly installments.

Product Sizes

Providing our buildings in an abundance of sizing options ensures that we have something for everyone! Whether you’re after a smaller cosy space, or an ample, clean office space – we have you covered. The smallest building size we offer starts at 2m x 2m which equates to a 4 square internal footprint. Our largest building size has a 30 square metre internal footprint. So dependant on what needs to be included in your building, its purpose and positioning, you can choose from a variation of size options.

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Our Process

All of our durable materials come from our local factory on-site at Wescott Venture Park. The quality materials throughout, from insulation to exterior cladding ensure that they are suitable for use year-round no matter the weather. We will begin by assessing your garden space, access and obstruction through a design consultation. After this, your project planning can start, and before you know it installation will begin, with your product being completed within a 1-5 day window.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

Our garden offices fall under permitted development rights, as they’re considered outbuildings. Because of this, in most cases our cutomers do not require planning permission. However, this is not guaranteed and in rare situations planning may be necessary, although this entire processed will be handled by our team.

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Using our configurator you can design your perfect garden office with minimal effort, ensuring it’s tailored to your own personal preferences and specifications.

You can get a great idea of how your new garden office will look by using the 360 degree rotating viewer.

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