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Summer Houses to use in any season

Summer houses aren’t just for summer! Our insulated summer houses are the ideal solution for a space you can use all year round.


summer house in London garden


Why a garden room is the perfect Summer House:

The summer house has, over time, become a staple of the British garden landscape. There are a plethora of companies, building styles, prices and levels of quality to choose from.

It’s important to choose a garden building for what you intend to use it for. Do you want a space to use relax in for short periods in the summer or are you looking for something more robust and suitable for year-round-use? Green Retreats are proud to offer fully insulated garden rooms that “level-up” the traditional summer house; a space to use all-year-round and not just in the warmer months.

Green Retreats are the UK’s largest, leading garden room company offering the ideal alternative to a standard garden summer house. Since 2005, we have been creating spaces for people in their gardens for leisure and business, and for schools and large corporate organisations. There is one common theme with every customer we have built garden rooms for and this is the need for extra space. This is why the traditional take on the summer house is not the best solution for those looking to create a space that can be used all-year-round, but an insulated summer house from Green Retreats could be the very thing you need.

Our Year-Round Summer House Buildings


Compact & contemporary

The Inspiration is the ideal alternative as it is the most cost-effective range that we offer. Its design is comprised of simple, elegant lines so it will generally fit into smaller gardens with less space.

Prices start from £16,745

See Inspiration Prices


Strikingly elegant

The majority of summer houses on the market are built in a more traditional style, which is something we encapsulate with our Expression range. The elegant overhang of the roof, twinned with the wooden side cheeks either side of the doors create a building with a more traditional feel.

Prices start from £19,245

See Expression Prices


A modern classic

The Edge is arguably the most contemporary styled of our garden room range. Our signature “black pack” is fitted as standard to create the shaded deck and hood area to the front of the building, which is comprised of composite decking and natural wooden inserts.

Prices start from £19,245

See Edge Prices


Architecturally stunning

Much like the Edge, the Pinnacle’s appearance is contemporary and architecturally led to create something truly unique for our customers. Far removed from traditional summer houses and sheds, the Pinnacle offers you a garden room without compromise.

Prices start from £20,245

See Pinnacle Prices

Contemporary Summer Houses

Our garden rooms offer a contemporary, more architectural take on traditional garden buildings. Each building can be customised to meet the criteria for those looking for a more traditional feel that still looks and feels like a summer house. Our four different styles offer a unique eternal styling as standard, which will give you a good idea on where to start when looking for a garden room building.

Each of the products we offer differ only in external appearance and all are manufactured to the same quality using the same materials of the highest grade.

If you’re looking for the best alternative, then our buildings could be the ideal solution.

summerhouse at the end of the garden

“I’m looking for a DIY summer house”

We don’t offer a DIY option as the nature of the construction of our buildings is more complex. That being said, depending on the size and style you choose, our specially trained staff are able to construct your garden room in just 2 to 5 days with the main structure being water-tight after the first day of construction.

You might be able to put together a garden building yourself in a day or two, but why not leave the work to us?

How we manufacture

A garden room summerhouse from Green Retreats is meticulously engineered and fully insulated using both sustainably sourced natural materials and recyclable modern composites.

Every element of your garden room is thought about when it comes to the design and manufacturing process to ensure your space can be used throughout the year.

Whether it’s the floor, walls, roof or glass, be assured that our products use materials to ensure your space is fully insulated to achieve market-leading insulation scores, also known as U-values.

Find out more by visiting our manufacturing page…

Payment Process
    £200 Holding Deposit Due
    50% Building Deposit Due
    Remaining Balance Due
Finance Options

We now also offer flexible finance options across our entire range, which will allow you to explore the options of spreading the cost of your garden room over 3 – 10 years in monthly installments.


Summerhouse Ideas

A quality built year-round summerhouse is a great extension to your home. Being detached from the main house offers so many benefits; privacy, quiet, ample natural light and freedom to name a few!

You might have your summer house ideas already, but why not consider a hidden retreat, garden studio, garden bar or garden office! Your summerhouse is the perfect blank canvas to create a space you’ve always dreamt of.

summerhouse in planted traditional garden
Exterior of garden room used as office and guest room
garden office in small holding garden
Year-Round Summer Houses

Generally, the walls of a summer house will use a single layer of timber with no insulation or barrier to the external weather conditions. Garden rooms from Green Retreats use five layers of market-leading materials and insulation to ensure it is as well insulated as your home to ensure you have a space you can use in all weather conditions.

You can find out more about what materials we use in our garden rooms on our manufacturing page.

Our Manufacturing Process

Do summer houses need planning permission?

Another benefit of our garden rooms is that they are classed as outbuildings in the same way a summer house is. Summer houses and garden rooms are built within your permitted development rights, which in most cases will mean that you will not have to apply for planning permission from your local authority.

You can find out more about your permitted development rights on the Planning Portal website.

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