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Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms

Garden rooms from Green Retreats are built in the UK using the highest quality materials for a quality finish and stylish design.

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Garden rooms from Green Retreats are built in the UK using the highest quality materials by the leading, largest manufacturer.

What is a garden room?

Architecturally beautiful and finished in natural materials, a Green Retreats garden room is a building that’s hand crafted to perfection to provide a stunning addition to your home and garden. What’s more, a garden room is premium insulated for use all year-round, allowing you to make the most of your new added space even in the colder winter months.

Our garden rooms have a wide variety of uses, with no limits on how you can transform your space. Anything from a gaden office, to a home gym or a simple garden retreat.

Our Garden Rooms

We offer four garden room designs for you to choose from, each customisable to your unique size, style and budget. We use the same materials throughout our garden room range and are all finished to the same high standard, inside and out.


Compact & contemporary

From: £16,745

See Inspiration Prices


Strikingly elegant

From: £19,245

See Expression Prices


A modern classic

From: £19,245

See Edge Prices


Architecturally stunning

From: £20,245

See Pinnacle Prices
  • 2.3m French or sliding door
  • Internal lighting
  • A choice of flooring options
  • Professional installation
  • Melamine wall finish
  • Premium grade insulation
  • Three double sockets
  • Opening lozenge window
  • Redwood cladding
  • Heating
  • External lighting
  • Foundations

Garden Room Ideas

insulated garden room workshop at night in snow
Insulated Garden Rooms

At Green Retreats, all of our buildings are built as fully insulated garden rooms suitable for year round use. They are meticulously designed to create the perfect space, away from the everyday stresses and distractions of those household. Our garden rooms feature fully insulated walls, roof and flooring and the highest grade doors, windows and double glazing throughout.

Ideal for additional living and entertaining space, an office, kids den, art studio (plus anything else you can think of), our insulated garden rooms are engineered for year-round use and their possible uses are endless.

Find out more about our insulated garden rooms.

prefabricated garden room construction
Prefabricated Garden Rooms

We create all of our prefabricated garden rooms at our manufacturing facility, which is adjacent to our Buckinghamshire showroom.

Once you have created and signed-off your design using our configurator either yourself of with our design team, we begin the process of prefabricating your garden room in our factory. This gives you and the production team, complete control over the design and construction of your building to ensure it is exact to your specifications.

contemporary garden room with doors open in narrow garden
Contemporary Garden Rooms

We offer the best-selling range of contemporary garden rooms to suit all tastes, styles and budgets; the Inspiration, Edge, Expression and Pinnacle. Each of our buildings can also be styled further to make your space your own. Your free virtual or on-site design consultation with a member of our team will allow you to customise your space to suit you.

Our contemporary garden rooms are what we believe to be the most cost-effective alternative to the traditional home extension or home office rental solution. But don’t just take our word for it, we also have an unrivalled five star rating from hundreds of satisfied customers.

Find out more about our contemporary garden rooms.

garden room with shed storage and garden tools
Garden Rooms with Shed/Storage

The practical addition of a partition wall to create a garden room with shed and additional storage is an ever popular decision made by our customers. Quite often, you’ll need somewhere to store the lawnmower, tools, bikes and other bits and bobs so why invest in a shed when you can integrate a shed and storage space into your garden room?

We offer partition walls, internal and external doors plus scaled-back internal finishes to internal spaces used in garden rooms for a shed or storage.

small garden room used as a music studio
Small Garden Rooms

Our small garden rooms are ideal if you need extra space but have a space that’s limited in size or an odd shape. Our sizes start at just 4m2, ideal for a one person office and there are variations in width and depth to suit your needs.

The Inspiration range has the smallest external footprint vs. Internal floor area so if you’re looking for a small garden room, this may be the best option for you.

Our team would be delighted to discuss your options and can be contacted on 01296 325777 or by emailing

large garden room with double bi-folding doors in large garden
Large Garden Rooms

With sizes on offer up to 30m2, our large garden rooms are ideal for almost anything you can possibly imagine, from big family spaces and offices for businesses with employees to gyms with lots of equipment and for those looking to utilise the space for multiple uses.

Our large garden rooms are also the most cost-effective, and are unrivalled in the home extension market when it comes to cost per square metre. A large garden room offers you the extra space of an extension or loft conversion, but generally without the need for planning permission.

luxury garden room with bi-folding doors, pool table and bar area
Luxury Garden Rooms

As standard we offer all of our customers a luxury garden room, with a beautiful interior and exterior finishes. We source only the highest quality materials to design and construct your building inside and out, whilst always ensuring the space is entirely practical for your needs.

For a truly stunning garden space, we also offer an array of options such as, cedar and composite cladding, full plastering, air conditioning and bi-folding doors to create a luxury garden room space.

To see our full range of options, you can design your own luxury garden room using our configurator.

bespoke garden room design tool on macbook
Bespoke Garden Rooms

Green Retreats offer a turn-key garden building solution rather than bespoke garden rooms. However, as the leading garden building manufacturer, we’re able to provide a service that allows you customise and configure your space to feel like a bespoke garden room.

We offer four buildings styles; the Inspiration, Expression, Edge and Pinnacle, which are available in hundreds of size configurations, each with multiple of options and thousands configurable placements and style changes.

To start building your bespoke garden room, you can do so using our configurator, or email us your plans so we can find something suitable for you from our range.

composite garden room with bi-fold doors used as an office
Composite Garden Rooms

To create a composite garden room, we offer a range of environmentally friendly, composite cladding options for you to choose from. Our composite garden rooms are popular with those looking to create a modern space that’s guaranteed not to change in appearance during its lifetime.

Our grey and black composite cladding can also be installed to certain elevations of the building to save on costs. For example, if your building is tucked away in a corner, you may only want to opt for composite cladding on the front and one side of the building.

eco garden room at RSPB nature reserve
Eco Garden Rooms

Our environmental policy is unrivalled when it comes to those offering eco garden rooms. Our long standing and ongoing efforts to offer eco garden rooms starts with our suppliers, thorough to manufacturing at our factory, our offices and showrooms and installation at your property.

Here’s just a few reasons why we are the leaders when it comes to offering eco garden rooms:

Our materials are suitably sourced and bought locally as much as possible. We’re 100% landfill free. Our Buckinghamshire showroom and manufacturing facility are solar powered. Our timber is from FSC certified suppliers. Our Showrooms, Offices and Production Facility are completely Carbon Neutral!

soundproof garden room interior with recording studio
Soundproof Garden Rooms

Our buildings are a great alternative to bespoke built options and expensive home recording studios. Whilst we can’t offer a completely soundproof garden room solution due to the nature of their construction, our acoustic pack reduces the transfer of sound to approximately -45db.

Many recording artists, musicians, music teachers and general music and film enthusiasts have opted for the acoustic pack to make their garden room as soundproof as possible.

To find out how we’re able to create a close to soundproof garden room solution please take a look at our manufacturing page or visit our one of our showrooms for a demonstration.

Green Retreats UK garden room showroom with customers
UK Garden Rooms

We’re proud to say that all of our garden rooms are made in the UK. All of our buildings are manufactured in Buckinghamshire, and we source as many of the materials we use to produce a Green Retreat as locally as possible.

We never sub-contract any work on our UK garden rooms outside of the business, so you can rest assured that you’re getting full quality control from start to finish.

You will also always speak with a friendly and knowledgeable member of staff on the phone or in-person at one of our two UK garden room showrooms.

Find out more about our UK garden rooms.

Green Retreats garden room extension
Garden Room Extension

Extending your home can often be expensive and disruptive, but with a garden room extension, this needn't be the case. Our buildings are a cost-effective and hassle-free way to make space at home compared to traditional alternatives, such as adding a conservatory, single-story extension or loft conversion. A garden room building rarely requires planning permission and is installed within 1-5 days.

Garden room extensions are detached from your home which creates a space that is highly versatile and completely private, letting you be free with how you will use yours.

modern garden room office building
Garden Room Office

Garden room offices are the perfect solution to help work from home. Our buildings are completely detached from the house, making them the perfect space to focus on your work away from the distractions of home.

Keeping your home and work life separate when working from home can be tough, but with a garden room office, you can close the door at the end of the day and leave the office behind you.

Our buildings are fully insulated using premium quality materials and are designed for use all-year-round. Your garden room office is guaranteed to be a warm, dry and comfortable workspace.

garden bar room and gin bar at night
Garden Room Bar

Create a space that makes you want to stay in and spend more time at home. A garden room bar is a fun and exciting use of our garden rooms which is sure to be the envy of all of your friends and neighbours.

A garden room bar helps you make use of your garden all-year-round, rather than just enjoying a drink in the garden during the summer. Our buildings are fully insulated for use in any season, meaning you can use your garden room bar come rain or shine! Get away from the day-to-day stresses of home and relax in your garden bar retreat.

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Benefits of a Garden Room

There’s so many reasons to choose a garden room to create extra space. We’ve put together just a few of them for you…
Cost Comparison

Garden rooms make for a cost-effective alternative to traditional home extensions, being cheaper per square metre and having no hidden costs involved.

When compared to the conventional single story extension, conservatory or loft conversion, a garden room is a unique and exciting alternative that is open to a wider possibility of uses than their alternatives.

What’s more, garden rooms rarely require planning permission and they are installed on-site by us in just 1-5 days – making them a convenient and hassle-free addition to your home.

garden room costs infographic
Year-Round Use

Every one of our garden room buildings is designed and built to be used all-year-round. Our insulated garden rooms control the outside elements and keep them at bay to create a space that is comfortable, healthy and dry. Premium grade insulation is used throughout our buildings, with a complex breathable membrane allowing a directional flow of air and moisture out of the building. We also use industry-leading double-glazing in our windows and doors.

What’s more, every building comes with a free-standing radiator included in the price.

garden rooms purpose built for all seasons infographic
Work/Life Balance

A garden room is the perfect blank canvas to use for any purpose you should need it for. Think outside the box and create your very own home gym, office, art studio, yoga room, garden bar, music studio, games room, man cave, reading room, beauty salon and much more!

Garden rooms are not bound by limitations that a room in your home may have. Being detached from the house you can complete control over the environment. Private, bright and unique.

What’s more, you can create a multi-purpose garden room using clever open-plan furnishing or our partition wall option.

work life balance benefits of a garden room infographic
Cost to Commute

A garden room office is one of the most popular uses of our buildings, and it makes sense why! These unique buildings are perfect for home offices. Being detached from the home gives space and privacy to focus on your work in a professional and controlled environment. Achieve a greater work-life balance by locking the door and walking away at the end of your workday, leaving the office behind you.

Save time and money from your commute to work by working from home in the comfort and privacy of your own garden room office. The environment will thank you for it too.

cost of your commute vs garden room infographic

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Why Choose Green Retreats?

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to picking a garden room company, isn’t there? We like to keep it simple and let you know why we’re the best at what we do.
Trusted Since 2005

Green Retreats have been the UK garden room specialists since 2005. In our time we have designed and crafted over 12,000 garden room buildings for our customers, perfecting our designs and pioneering the latest modern building techniques and styles.

Not only are our garden buildings the best in the market, but our service is too. Our customers have rated Green Retreats 5 Stars on the independent review site Trustpilot. It means the world to us to know we continue to get it right and that our customers love us.

No Hidden Costs

To make things simple and hassle-free for our customers we keep our prices transparent. There are no hidden costs when you choose a garden room by Green Retreats, with all of the ‘essentials’ included in the price. This includes installation, VAT, base/foundations, doors and windows, internal electrics, heating, lighting and much more…

Electrical connection from your home/power source to your garden room is the only additional cost that we can only quote for once we have seen your plot and discussed your requirements during your free on-site design consultation.

Styles & Sizes

Green Retreats as 4 designs to choose from to suit you; with modern and compact options such as the Inspiration and Edge, traditionally inspired designs like the Expression or architecturally distinctive with the Pinnacle.

Each of our 4 styles is available in over 70 size configurations, ranging from 4sqm to 30sqm internally. This means we can design a small garden room or a large garden room to perfectly fit your garden size or needs.

Customise your garden room to suit your home and style with a range of options already included in the price as well as a full suite of optional upgrades including cedar cladding, bi-fold doors and air-conditioning.

Eco-friendly Choice

Landfill-free, solar-powered, carbon-neutral, recycled & sustainable materials – these are just some reasons why Green Retreats is the eco-friendly garden room choice.

We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. From our garden room building materials to our factories and showrooms, we take every step possible to be eco-friendly and sustainable. This means you can be confident when you purchase a garden room from Green Retreats that your choice has been as a responsible one.

Find out more about how we care for the environment.


See the quality of our buildings for yourself. Visit one of our two UK showrooms to experience the full range of options including sizes, designs and finishes.

Our showrooms are all-weather environments, making your trip an enjoyable one no matter what the Great British weather might be.

Our friendly and professional staff are our greatest asset. They will be on hand at our showrooms to offer advice, design your building with you and answer any questions you may have.

Environmental Policy

We are proud to say you can be 100% confident that the production of your garden room from The Green Retreats Group has had no negative impact on the environment.

See Our Eco Policy

We love to give back and are proud to be a ClimateCare Certified Partner, supporting projects around the world to tackle global climate change and improve the lives of those around us.

Powered by solar energy, our factory, showroom and offices are 100% carbon neutral — leaving no negative impact on the environment.

All timber used is FSC certified and sourced from sustainable forest programmes. We are also advocates of using recycled or recyclable materials in the construction of our garden rooms. We also plant five trees to replace every one that we use.

The Green Retreats Group sends no waste to landfill. All waste generated by The Green Retreats Group is either recycled or used as fuel to produce power for our local village power grid.

Case Studies & Ideas

Looking for garden room inspiration? Check out how some of our customers have used their Green Retreat.


As the UK’s leading garden room company, Green Retreats are proud to have been featured in many national publications.

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