Free Site Survey

Free, no obligation site survey and design consultation

No obligation

Free site survey

We will carry out a free, no obligation site survey and design consultation to ensure your plot is suitable, and assist you in designing your perfect space.

We will explain how our garden buildings are constructed, measure your garden space and appraise the access to your plot. We will never pressure you to place an order at any stage.

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I live in a flat, can I still have a survey?
Yes you can! However when it comes to flats and site surveys we will require a £200 deposit to conduct a site survey at a flat or maisonette. Heres why: Please bear in mind that flats (including maisonettes) do not have permitted development rights, and as such you will be required to apply for planning permission. In order to apply for planning you will require CAD drawings. The £200 deposit you provide will cover the cost of generating the CAD drawings required for your garden room and property type.  If your planning application is denied we will refund the £200; if it’s granted then your £200 will secure your installation date as normal! For more details on planning permissions for garden rooms and your property types see our general outlines on our Planning Permission page, or visit 
How is my electrical quote made up?
The surveyor will talk to you about the different ways of running electrics. We run a cable from the fusebox in the house to the fusebox (consumer unit) installed in the garden. Our surveyors will also look to see if you have any spare capacity in your existing fusebox, or if you’ll need a sub consumer unit installed. The quote will include a part P certificate sign off by our fully qualified electricians.
Will I be given a quote at my survey?
Our surveyor will be able to give you a price for both the building and the electrical/network connection at your survey. A complete price will be given with no ‘hidden extras’ at a later date.
What access do you need?
Our surveyors will assess the access to your property at the site survey. Our roof and floor panels come in solid one metre wide panels. A 3m deep building will typically have a panel which is 3-4m long, so we need to be able to walk this through your side access or house.
On average, what is the lead time for a site survey appointment?
Site survey lead times are typically two to three weeks but may take less time than this if we have a surveyor in your area.
How long does the site survey take?
The site survey takes up to an hour.
Does the area that I want to have the garden room need to be level before?
Not before your site survey. Our surveyor will be able to tell you how much levelling needs doing before the base team arrive.
Do I need to be present at my site survey?
We ask that all decision makers are present at the site survey. Our surveyor will look at the space available as well as your access and tell you what size buildings you can have. They’ll also complete a design consultation with you, placing doors and windows on the building and selecting electrical and internal options. At the end of the survey you’ll know exactly how much your building will cost and what work needs doing.

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