5 Tips For A Modern Garden

14th August 2019

A modern garden is a perfect place to spend those warm summer evenings. Not only does it make your garden look considerably nicer, but it also makes your garden much more comfortable.

How To Create A Modern Garden

Whether you want to modernise your garden or you merely want to give it the TLC it needs, we have the answers! There are numerous ways to bring your garden to life, and bring it up to date with the latest trends in the world of gardening and home design.

Be sure to keep your current home design in mind to keep the design theme continuos throughout your entire home. Modernising your garden is also one most cost-effective and quickest methods of home improvements. It can completely change the overall image of your property and caters for summer barbecues, family party’s and even relaxing evenings eating dinner in the garden.

So if you’re looking for the best ways to modernise your garden and bring it back up to date with the latest trends; we have you covered!

A Unique Seating Area

What is a garden without a relaxing space to unwind in the summer sun? Whether you want to sit in peace and read a book or simply admire the beauty of nature, a garden seating area is a must for any property.

And outdoor garden seating area gives you the perfect environment for a family meal, family barbecues or even having friends round. It creates a very sociable environment that everyone can enjoy. If you’re someone who likes to be unique, there are plenty of out-of-the-box outdoor seating options to browse, rather than standard seating. We love this garden mushroom table and seats set for the kiddies! It’s always a great idea to have a separate table where children can socialise, play and talk.

If you’re looking for something that is traditional but still has a modern element, why not choose a picnic bench? Picnic benches allow everyone to sit together, and make great use for outdoor eating, lunches and picnics. This modern picnic bench from Recycled Furniture is the perfect traditional, yet modern looking seating addition to your garden. The best part being, this bench is made from recycled materials! So not only are you improving your garden, but you’re also helping save the planet.

Add A Garden Room

Garden rooms are the latest and one of the most popular additions to gardens. Garden pods allow homeowners to increase living space, without having to alter their existing property or invest in costly home extensions.

pinnacle with plant pots and close doors

Garden rooms can accommodate for any purpose, and their versatility allows for use such as home gyms, art studios, music studios, home cinemas and just about anything you could possibly want. In most cases, as classed as an outbuilding, they do not require planning permission, although this may not always be the case. When enquiring, our dedicated team will handle everything in the circumstances of needing planning permissions, aid you with design and layout options, and our installers will construct the building for you.

All garden pods include everything that would be included in a room in your home. Electricals, plumbing, insulation and wifi are all things that can be incorporated into your garden building if needed. Optional extras include things like aircon and underfloor heating. Garden rooms can be created however you like and are insulated just like a normal room, meaning they’re suitable for year-round use – even during the coldest winter months.

Built with high-quality, durable materials, they’re built to last through the unpredictable UK weather. Impress your guests with a bar/chill room that they can enjoy on their next visit by installing a garden room.

Garden Landscaping

Something as simple as landscaping can dramatically improve your quality of life. Even if you don’t spend tremendous amounts of time outside in your garden, it can be satisfying to have order in your garden.

Landscaping not only creates order but can bring your garden up to date and look modern. Experienced landscapers will discuss with you beforehand what it is that you’re after. If you explain that you want a modern garden design, they will work with you side by side to ensure they achieve the results that you are after. Landscaping allows you to create designated spots in your garden for design purposes, seating areas and outdoor dining areas. Using blocks, paving, plants, shrubbery and much more, you can create your dream garden with minor landscaping.

Add A Water Fountain

If you want to make your garden modern yet classy, a water feature is a perfect addition. Water features are available for purchase in numerous shapes, design and sizes. Dependant on the look you’re attempting to achieve, the best design for you may very.

Water features create a beautiful environment, and often give the vibe of a beautiful elegant English garden. Not only this, but the gentle flow of trickling water is typically thought of as relaxing and soothing. Placing a water feature near your outdoor seating area forms a relaxing environment for relaxation and unwinding during the clear evening times. Water features are a stand out optional additive that allows you to add your own unique stamp on your garden design.

Not to worry about maintenance! Minimal maintenance and cleaning is needed to keep your water feature in great condition. Meaning you can have an effortless yet stunning addition to your home, with next to no maintenance needed. The best kinds of water features for minimal maintenance are pondless water features, cascading waterfalls and simple wall fountains.

wall mounted water feature

Cool Garden Lighting

Garden lighting can instantly change the vibe of an outdated garden. Bring your outdoor space up to date with a touch of unique and fun lighting in your outdoor space.

LED lighting is a modern touch that is used inside homes, but is now being incorporated into the outdoors. We love these Solar Lights than can make your garden original and stand out.

Modernise Your Garden Today

By following these top tips you can ensure that your garden looks great! You will be surprised by the difference that little changes and additions to your gardens can make.

We hope that this article was helpful, and if a garden room sounds like it could be the perfect addition to your home, why not request our free brochure and free site survey here.

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