Garden Rooms For Home Improvement

25th September 2023

Don’t Move, Improve!

Why adding a garden room is a great home improvement alternative to moving

The turbulent housing market is proving to be a difficult place to navigate for all. The demand to buy increases while house prices show little decline. According to Rightmove, “average new seller asking prices fall by £82 (-0.0%) this month to £372,812.”

Additionally, with interest rates leaping from 4.56% to 5.20%, you can expect to pay an extra £117 per month for a 25-year term mortgage. This translates to a whopping £35,100 extra new homeowners will have to repay.

So, what does this mean? The market has met a stalemate where buyers want a worthwhile investment, and sellers want a good price for their homes. The solution? A garden room, of course!

landscape view of garden room

4 reasons why you shouldn’t sell your home

& install a garden room instead


1. Turbulent Housing Market

While the market remains an unprecedented space, history has shown that property values increase over time. However, if you sell your home at the wrong time, there is the potential you won’t get the offer you want as we’re currently seeing. By holding onto your home, you can avoid uncertainty and potentially benefit from future market improvements.


Did you know….?

A high quality garden room can actually ADD value to your home, fetching you the price your property deserves! A great investment to make if you think you might eventually sell.

Discover How Much Value A Garden Room Adds…


2. Costly Fees

Legal fees are an additional cost that can easily take away from money you had set aside for future home improvements. Writing and reviewing the contract takes a significant amount of time, which will vary depending on the complexity of the transaction, quickly adding up to the thousands.

Another thing to consider is surveyor fees. You wouldn’t buy a car without checking the MOT history, so why wouldn’t you do the same with a house? It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of looking at a new home; on the surface, it can seem like your new dream pad. But, you will only know the property’s true condition if you pay for a surveyor, which is another expense to include.

Moving costs are something to consider seriously. It’s not a matter of packing a couple of boxes, and you’re done; it’s moving your entire home across miles. The two options are to move and pay for packing materials, petrol on multiple trips, storage fees and more! Or you can hire a moving company. Whichever you choose, it will add to the growing things you’ll need to pay for.


3. Time Consuming

Moving house can take a long time. It’s not as simple as swapping keys, and you’re done. It’s a lengthy process that can take months if not years.

First, if you’re looking to sell, you need to find a buyer. This process can be delayed to factors such as the housing market, asking price, location and condition of your home.

If you have managed to draw up interest for your property, a potential barrier you have to deal with is an offer below your asking price. The negotiation phase can also prolong the overall waiting time, especially if both parties have different expectations or if there are multiple offers on the property.

So, if you’re moving to get more space you might want to reconsider. Instead of waiting months, in as little 3-5 days a luxury garden room can be installed in your home, giving you the space your house always needed.


4. Stressfull

As a homeowner, you have likely invested a significant amount of time, money and effort in making your house a home. You understand firsthand the costs of transforming a property into a comfortable, personalised living space. Save the hassle of moving homes by staying put!

Staying at your current home comes with numerous benefits like being comfortable in the area, establishing cherished relationships within the neighbourhood and beloved memories shared in your home. So, before you move, you might want to ask, “why do I want to move homes?” and instead, look at home improvements you can make to reignite your love for your home.

luxury garden room with bi-fold doors

Garden Rooms: The Ultimate Home Improvement Solution

Firstly, a garden room is a cost-effective alternative to moving homes. By eliminating costly fees such as stamp duty, legal fees and removal costs, you’re investing your money into something tangible that increases the value of your estate. This one-time home improvement purchase immediately transforms your outdoor space while adding value.

Secondly, the added space a garden room offers gives you precisely what you need without moving homes. Whether you need a home office, a garden gym, a studio or a quiet space to relax, a garden room can provide you with the extra space you need. This can be particularly useful if you have outgrown your living space but are reluctant to leave your home or neighbourhood.

A garden room can enhance your quality of life by providing a dedicated space to pursue your hobbies or interests. Home improvements like garden rooms are fantastic if you’re struggling to find space within your existing home. Whether that’s because of a growing family or having to work from home, a garden room is a fantastic solution to your space predicament.

Garden Rooms Ideas For Your Home

The benefit of a garden room is that it offers a dedicated space away from the distractions of home, allowing you to unwind, concentrate, and unleash your creativity. While garden offices, home gyms, and studios are among our most sought-after applications, the versatility of a garden room means it can adapt to your specific needs.

With complete insulation, standard heating, and double-glazed windows, a Green Retreats garden room is equipped for year-round use. Whether it’s a cosy winter hideaway or a cool summer sanctuary, your garden room is ready to embrace you in comfort, no matter the season.

Garden Rooms For Leisure

Extra space in the home can provide the ultimate recreational retreat—a space to truly unwind, relax and indulge. The versatility of a garden room means you can have an immersive garden cinema room, a state-of-the-art home gym, an exhilarating games room and more!

garden room with doors open and interior on view
Pool Table Room
Garden Rooms For Work

Working from home has never become more popular. By this point, we all know the numerous benefits of remote/hybrid working, but to benefit fully from working at home, you need the space to do so. A garden office is the perfect space-saving solution for your home-working needs. Whether it’s a garden photography studio, home salon, or garden office, our luxury garden rooms can facilitate your home business needs.

Garden room planning permission
small garden office

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