Time for a Hot Tub!

Time for a Hot Tub!

Garden Rooms and Hot Tubs – The Perfect Match


garden rooms with hot tubs

With Spring just around the corner (move over already winter!) many of us are getting ready for the warmer weather and escaping back outside into the garden. In the warmer months, your garden tends to become a vast extension to your home – perfect for lounging, dining and entertaining! But when you’ve got a garden room, the fun of extra space outside can continue comfortably all year round. Even better still? Add a hot tub to the mix for the ultimate outdoor excitement and spa experience. Hot tubs and spas are great for your overall wellbeing and fantastic fun to have at home.



Hot Tub Discount

£500 discount on all hot tubs with Hot Tub Hub!


Hot Tub Hub is a luxury hot tub and spa company that’s been formed in partnership with Green Retreats. Whether you are looking to add a hot tub to your garden room order, or are only interested in a hot tub or spa on its own, Hot Tub Hub can help.

hot tub in the morning

  • Hot Tubs Available Now
    Hot Tub Hub has secured contracts that provide a steady stock of hot tubs to be available at any one time! Hot tubs went completely out of stock for most suppliers last year, so don’t risk it this year and shop with Hot Tub Hub!
  • Leading Luxury American-Made Brands
    The Americans were early adopters of hot tubs, and as such, they are the experts! Hot Tub Hub offers some of the USA’s leading brands with the latest technologies and styles for a revolutionary spa experience.
  • Formed in partnership with Green Retreats
    Our relationship with Hot Tub Hub is a strong one, being formed together in partnership with Green Retreats to offer quality products and customer service that matches our own.


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The Perfect Match

Garden rooms and hot tubs are a match made in heaven. Both a garden room and a hot tub offer a luxury escape away from the hustle and bustle of home.

Since our beginnings in 2005, we’ve noticed that many of our customers have a hot tub installed as part of their overall garden transformation project. Sometimes our customers use their garden rooms as a complimentary space to their hot tubs and spas, like a pool house or a bar, which we think is a fantastic idea! Even if the two are not being used together, they look great side by side – with the garden room building providing power to the hot tub and even an extended hood or shade keeping the garden looking organised and well designed.


Garden Room and Hot Tub Ideas:

  1. Poolhouse

    garden office in small holding garden

  2. Bar

    Exterior of an Edge with a patio and hot tub

  3. Office Escape

    garden office



Staycation Goals

Having a hot tub and an adjacent summer house is an instant staycation solution! If you shut your eyes you could imagine you are almost anywhere.

Exterior of an Edge with a patio



Hot Tubs at the Showroom

garden room hot tub canopy

The Hot Tub Hub showroom is based at our flagship garden room showroom in Buckinghamshire! Come and view the amazing range of hot tub designs and styles as well as learning more about the amazing benefits of choosing a quality Hot Tub Hub spa. Book an appointment today by visiting their website:


Go to Hot Tub Hub Website



About Hot Tub Hub & Caldera Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Hub are exclusive UK suppliers of Caldera and Fantasy spas

Investing in a hot tub is a big decision, with a lot of options out there to choose from. The team at Hot Tub Hub want to help make sure you might the right choice for a lasting and quality investment to your garden and lifestyle. They operate with a strict ‘no hard sell’ policy, simply offering all the information you need to make an informed decision. Installation, set-up and delivery is always included in the price for a hassle-free service meaning you can start using your hot tub right away!


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If you’re loving the idea of a hot tub on it’s own, get in touch with the Hot Tub Hub team directly by visiting their website. Get in touch about Hot Tubs…



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