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9th November 2020

Love Lawns | Artificial Grass Company

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At Green Retreats we design and build modern garden rooms. Quite often, our garden room buildings form part of a larger garden transformation by our customers, with landscaping and planting all designed in as part of the project.

Many modern garden designs incorporate artificial grass to create a maintenance-free garden with a clean finish. We see artificial grass being used a lot when we’re sent completed garden project photos – and the results are stunning!

summer house as an office

With this in mind, we’ve teamed up with a Twickenham based artificial lawn company, Love Lawns, to offer an exclusive discount to our customers. Love Lawns premium quality artificial turf and outstanding customer service make them a perfect fit as a recommended supplier for our customers.


Receive 10% off your order when you quote: LLGR1


About Love Lawns:

Love Lawns are a premium quality artificial grass company based in Twickenham, serving a client base predominantly in the Ealing, Pitshanger, Northfields, Brentford, Chiswick, Teddington, Twickenham, Kew and Richmond areas. Their excellent reputation for their outstanding service and superior quality product has made them a cornerstone of these garden communities over the past 5 years. 

As a family run business, Love Lawns have excellent service at the heart of their company – with the owner of the company overseeing every project personally to ensure the best results. 

love lawns artificial grass

Their customers love them too – which is why Love Lawns have a 5* customer rating on Google. What’s more, Love Lawns are also the official sponsor of the Church street festival where they install over 600sqm of their premium grass to transform the street into a festival green. 

Visit the Love Lawns website to explore their range and to get your free quote! Click here…


Receive 10% off your order when you quote: LLGR1



The benefits of artificial grass:


– Maintenance-free: 

Artificial grass requires no mowing, feeding or watering – saving you time and money.

– Child and pet friendly:

With no nasty chemicals used, artificial grass is a safe alternative for children and pets.

– Year-round great appearance:

Clean and pristine all-year-round for a great looking garden in any season.

– Clean and tidy:

Artificial grass leaves no muck behind to trail into your home and no mess or stains from cutting. 



The Eco-Considerations for Artificial vs Natural:

Artificial lawns are a plastic product, and as such, there is a certain stigma that comes with it. Being responsible with plastic usage is incredibly important for the environment and easy to achieve when you buy plastic the right way.

Artificial lawns are not for everyone, and going natural is a great thing. But we appreciate that natural lawns are not for everyone, and artificial grass is so popular with its many benefits over a natural turf. This is why it is important to buy it correctly to make sure you are being responsible to the environment. 

Large Outdoor Man Cave

Buy quality, buy once: Choosing a premium quality artificial lawn now means you won’t need to upgrade it in the future, saving money in the long run as well as reducing waste.

Choose recyclable: Choosing a recyclable artificial grass, like the options from Love Lawns, means that you are making a responsible choice for the future of your garden.


Eco Tip from Love Lawns: If you are choosing to add artificial grass to your garden landscaping project, make sure to factor in plenty of flower beds and other plants in other areas of the project.


Other factors to consider:
  • Artificial grass does not require watering compared to a natural garden.
  • Artificial grass does not need chemical treatment for upkeep and quality maintenance.
  • Artificial grass does not need to be mowed, saving electrical and petrol emissions from lawnmowers.



Green Retreats Twickenham Showroom.

If you visit our Twickenham garden room showroom you can see an example of Love Lawns high-quality artificial turf at our showroom and in our window! ?

Find out more about Love Lawns grass and get a quote by visiting the

Love Lawns website… 


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