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9th October 2019

With British Summertime officially ending, rather abruptly, it’s time to start thinking about how we can maintain our gardens for the colder weather as well as discuss which plants will thrive during this season. 

Garden Maintenance

Something that is often neglected but vital to care for before and during the colder months is your lawn. With Autumn settling in, so are the leaves falling from the trees. It is important to clear the leaves from your lawn and not allow them to build up. The build-up of leaves denies the lawn below essential light which is why brown, dry patches appear.

Potted plants are easier to care for in the colder months. Due to the fact they can be moved about, it would be wise to move them to a more sheltered area. Once it gets colder and frostier it will also be important to protect your plants from frostbite. Keep them elevated with simple items such as bricks to keep them away from the cold, wet ground. It is also important to protect your roots from the cold and another way to do this is to wrap your pot in an insulating material such as bubble wrap. 

front on view of square inspiration with door open

Get Inspired and Think Ahead

It is important to start thinking about your garden maintenance before Winter sets in. Autumn is also a great time to start thinking about the changes you’d like to make to your garden. With a clearer surface and more bare bushes and hedges, you’ll now be able to see where you can ideally install your garden building. Starting the process during this time of year is ideal as it gives you plenty of time before the Spring to allow your garden room to settle into the garden and for the beautiful nature to grow back around it. 

We’d suggest visiting one of our two showroom locations, where you’ll be able to get a real feel for our products, as well as chat with our knowledgable showroom hosts about the process and design. Here you’ll also be able to book in a site survey. Your site survey is free of charge and is a good opportunity to discuss suitable locations for your garden room.

From this point, you’ll be able to book your installation date. A deposit of £300 guarantees your date of choice for you. 6 weeks before your installation date you’ll be asked to finalise your design and the production of your garden room will begin!

1 week before your installation date, our team will visit you to lay your base foundations. This will give the concrete enough time to set. Following this, our installation team will require 2-5 days to complete the build and then you’re done!

Exterior of Edge at the back of a landscaped garden

Start Planting

Autumn is the ideal time to start planting bulbs for the summer to come. Plants such as daffodils and lilies add vibrancy to the garden and this time of year is perfect for planting. Sunflowers tend to keep growing, even in colder weather and peak around mid-summer. Remember to harvest their seeds when they start to turn brown. If you’re looking for a flower which thrives during the colder months then consider planting crocus. Though they are ideal for colder weather, they will need to be protected from heavy downpours.

Daffodils in a field

Get In Touch

We feel inspired for the Autumn ahead and if you do too, then get in touch to see how you can start your garden building journey. 

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