M25 Garden Office Billboard

27th January 2023

Heathrow Garden Office Billboard


Have you seen our garden office billboard? If you’ve recently been stuck in traffic commuting to work on the M25 near Heathrow Gateway, then you probably have!

Our brand-new Garden Office billboard is the envy of many drivers using one of the busiest motorways in the UK, with our new billboard located on the M25 at Heathrow Gateway. So, if you’re ready to give up the daily rat race to the office, our garden room billboard advert in London might give you some ideas!

Garden Office Billboard on the m25 by Heathrow

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Motorway Garden Office Ad on M25

The garden office billboard is to inspire fed-up commuters that there’s a better alternative! With workplaces becoming more accommodating to employee needs, remote and hybrid working has been on the rise. However, not all of us have the space to facilitate a suitable working-from-home environment, requiring us to return to the office. With this, we sacrifice achieving an optimal work/life balance having to get up earlier and getting home later.

Garden Offices are a worthwhile career investment because they provide a helping hand to achieve the perfect work/life balance. Instead of burning money on costly petrol, re-invest that money in a garden office to maximise your efficiency while working from home.

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Garden office motorway billboard. How's your commute?

1) How’s your commute?

How was your commute today? If you had time to read our garden office billboard then you might have been caught in traffic.

We often detail our disdain to colleagues, sharing commuting-related horror stories. Stuck in traffic? Crammed on a train? We have all been there, and it’s something we wish to avoid. We dread the mundane daily commute, battling the treacherous pothole-ridden roads and gruelling hours halted at a standstill, all to get to the office miles away from our homes. However, what if you didn’t have to travel to go to work?

No more traffic! Green Retreats garden offices are the perfect solution to this common problem shared by the British workforce. Not only saving you time but money by removing costly and easily avoidable monthly outgoings. Say goodbye to fluctuating petrol prices and punctured tires by leaving the car parked at home and starting your workday in a garden office.


…Next Stop, Your New Garden Office

Not all of us drive to work. For city dwellers, trains and the tube have become a necessity to get around. According to the Department of Transport, “Over 1 million passengers arrived into London on a typical day, with 55% arriving in the morning peak.” This staggering figure explains why you might be struggling to get a seat on your way to work.

For those living in the capital, London Garden Offices are becoming sought after as an alternative to train travel. A sanctuary within a vibrant city to reap the benefits of working in the capital while avoiding the daily commute.

Garden Office Motorway Advert M25 - 10-Second Commute

2) The 10-second commute

Does our 10-second commute advert sound tempting? On average, commuters spend a staggering 59 minutes travelling to work! Not only is this chore repetitive, tedious, and annoying, it’s highly strenuous. Travel fatigue is a real thing and it’s not a conducive way to start your day. As seen on our garden office billboard, you can spend as little as 10 seconds to get to work with your very own Garden Office. Our state-of-the-art garden rooms mean you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to get to the office by 9am.

Garden Office Motorway Ad - There's no place like your garden office

3) There’s no place like your Garden Office

Our goal with our Garden Office billboard is to enlighten the UK workforce how to achieve the perfect work/life balance. With your own Garden Office, you can make it anything you want it to be. A bespoke work environment perfectly catered to you. Whether you want a contemporary interior design scheme or a minimalistic office plan, you can create your perfect workspace. Need some inspiration? Take a look at how our customers have used their garden pods, buildings and annexes for their work.

Although we love our M25 Garden Office advert, we hope you don’t have to stare at it for too long during your morning commute. Why not shop our garden offices today, and leave your car parked on the drive.

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