New! Garden Room with Slatted Screen

1st September 2023

What is Slatted Screen?

Making the perfect garden room involves a blend of functionality and aesthetic allure. But what are the key elements Green Retreats factor in, when designing new features for our garden rooms?

Is it the versatile insulation properties that keep our buildings cool in the summer but also warm in the winter? Perhaps it’s the double-glazing protection that shields you from intense UV rays? Or simply the sheer visual elegance of our signature contemporary style.

The good news is that our latest innovation, Slatted Screen, elegantly encapsulates all of these qualities and more!

The ingeniously designed sliding wall is crafted from quality wood, offering an innovative solution for enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of garden rooms.

This versatile feature effortlessly glides along its track, allowing users to easily adjust the level of shade and privacy according to their preferences. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil workspace or a cosy retreat, this optional extra offers the flexibility to create the atmosphere you desire within your garden room.

garden room with slatted screen optional extra

Why choose Slatted Screen?

1. Shade

Our buildings come in either French or sliding doors as standard, with bi-fold as an optional extra, allowing plenty of natural sunlight to fill the garden room. The Slatted Screen provides ample shading without completely blocking out light, meaning you can still reap the benefits of the sun without it becoming a problem.


 2. Privacy

A garden room is the epitome of luxury and style, catching the attention of curious neighbours. It’s a lavish extension of your living space, designed for relaxation, work, and exercise, all while ensuring your privacy with a cleverly designed Slatted Screen. This architecture blends seamlessly with your outdoor landscape, offering a private sanctuary where you can indulge in peaceful moments, be productive without compromise, and engage in invigorating workouts, all shielded from prying eyes.


3. Modern Design Feature

The slatted wood design has been a popular home renovation trend for interior designs. With its soaring demand, the interior trends see it is breaking out into the wild. Our exterior Slatted Screen takes the traditional Scandinavian design and turns it into a modern, functional feature to bring out the best qualities of our garden rooms.

slatted screen

Slatted Screen Options

Elevate your garden room with our Slatted Screens, available in:
  • cedar
  • redwood
  • honey redwood

Customise your exterior sliding wall to seamlessly blend with your garden’s aesthetics.

Discover the versatility of our Slatted Screen, now available in 1m, and 1.5m. This innovative solution can be effortlessly affixed to your building or equipped with tracks to enable smooth sliding functionality. Whether you prefer a stationary installation or the convenience of a sliding mechanism, our Slatted Screen adapts seamlessly to your needs.

This stunning optional extra is available on the G2 with extended deck and G3 garden rooms.

sliding slatted screen in interior showroom

Visit our showroom to see the slatted screen feature

Ready to elevate your outdoor space? Come visit us at the Green Retreats Buckinghamshire showroom to see Slatted Screen for yourself; witness its timeless charm and functionality in person.

Book your showroom visit with Green Retreats below and explore our stunning range of garden spaces. Get inspired, visualize possibilities, and take the first step toward enhancing your lifestyle.

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