New Year’s Revolution

2nd January 2019

The Garden Room Revolution

We’ve reached an era of fast paced social progress and urbanisation, which only means one thing; lack of space.

Finding ways to ‘stretch your legs’ in a small home can seem an impossible feat. We turn to solutions such as extensions, repurposing rooms and loft conversions. All that achieves is even less space, not to mention the disruption of renovation.

In recent years we’ve seen a revolution extraordinaire in the form of multi-purpose garden rooms. A more modern and sophisticated alternative to the traditional conservatory or shed. Garden rooms can become an ‘extension’ of your home without the disruption.

Over the last few years, garden room popularity has grown significantly and is predicted to thrive.

There are many reasons why a garden room is the more popular option for home extension. A recent article in The Telegraph reported that investing in a garden room can add significant value to your property. On top of financial gain, the time and cost of installing a garden room as opposed to building an extension is remarkably more budget-friendly.


Flexible and Multifunctional

Over recent years there has been an influx of companies who have chosen the ‘work-from-home’ route, setting up business’s in the comfort of their own gardens. This cuts out the time and cost of commuting but allows you freedom, is proven to increase productivity and help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Start Fresh and Make a Change

A garden room can feel like an opportunity to pursue that life-long dream of starting your own business, finally having enough space to release your creativity, sticking to that new year’s resolution of going to the gym more often with your own personal gym or just escaping the busyness of modern life in your own personal oasis. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you choose to utilise your garden room.

In 2019, we’re embracing the garden room revolution and thinking outside the proverbial box when it comes to expanding personal space. Embrace the fear of taking that big step!


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