Solar Panels For Your Garden Room

13th February 2024

Can you put solar panels on your garden room?

Yes you can put solar panels on your garden room! We cannot wait to brighten your day, introducing Solar Panels by Green Retreats. A leading innovation bringing pioneering technology to your garden rooms. Stay tuned for more details, as we can’t wait to share this bright idea with you in more detail.


Our Solar Panel Technology

We use JASOLAR panels for our solar systems as they are the most efficient and space saving solutions for domestic properties. Their high-end invertor and batteries are user-friendly so you can understand exactly how much energy your garden room is generating!

Why are solar panels a great asset to your garden room?

6 reasons why
1. Lower Electricity Bills

Installing solar panels on your garden room allows you to generate electricity, leading to reduced reliance on the grid. This often results in lower electricity bills over the long term. Solar is becoming more affordable in contrast to ever increasing utility costs.


2. Financial Incentives

Many energy suppliers and local authorities offer financial incentives for installing solar panels. These incentives can significantly offset the initial installation costs.


3. Energy Independence

Solar power systems provide a degree of energy independence, reducing reliance on external sources for electricity. This can be particularly important during times of energy crises or disruptions.


4. Low Operating Costs

Solar panels have minimal operating costs once installed. They require relatively low maintenance, and the sunlight needed for power generation is free.


5. Increased Property Value

Households with solar panels, especially ones with garden rooms, often see an increase in property value. Potential buyers are attracted to the prospect of lower energy costs and environmental sustainability.


6. Environmentally friendly

Solar panels are eco-friendly because they harness renewable energy from the sun, produce minimal greenhouse gas emissions, have a low environmental impact, contribute to energy independence, and can be recycled at the end of their long lifespan.

Our Solar Panel Overview

  • Industry-leading solar panels
  • Highest solar generation per square inch on the market
  • Each panel generates up to 415 watts at peak performance
  • Potential to generate 2.5kWh on a 4m x 4m GR garden room
  • 400mm gap around the roof for easy maintenance access
  • Regular cleaning ensures optimal solar efficiency
  • Optional upgrade for buildings of 16sqm and above

What we offer

Option 1:

Solar Panel and Inverter 

This comes as standard with the solar panel upgrade. 



Option 2:

Solar Panel, Inverter and Battery

The battery option means that you can store the energy generated during the day to power your garden room at night. 

The battery comes with 5kw storage as standard, but you can upgrade to a 10 or 15kw battery storage. 



Add ons:

£2,380 – additional 5kw battery 

£240 – per extra panel

Building position

For optimum performance from the solar panels, the front of the garden room building (assuming that the front is the side with the flashing and main set of doors) should face north. Below are the optimum positions for the garden room to face for solar energy performance:


North – excellent

North West – good

North East – good

West – average

East – average

South – bad 


The pitch of our roofs is 4degrees and slope from front to back, so when a buildings front faces north, the solar panels will be facing south which is the prime position for maximum sun exposure. 


VAT Exempt:

Solar panels systems are completely VAT exempt – everything from the panels, inverters and batteries, to the casing and installation are all VAT free. 

Did you know Green Retreats are solar powered

Just to shed some light behind our advocacy for solar powered systems, it’s worth noting that our Buckinghamshire production facility, as well as our showroom and offices, are powered from one of the UK’s largest solar panel farms.

Power from the solar panels contributes to around 45% of our energy, taking care of a large proportion of our usage requirements in a clean way.

There are plans afoot in the very near future for this solar panel grid to expand, meaning we can harness even more clean energy from this local source!

Visit Our Showroom to See Solar Panels

If you’re warming to the idea of installing solar panels for your garden room, come visit us at the Green Retreats Buckinghamshire showroom to see our solar panels IRL.

Book your showroom visit with Green Retreats below and explore our latest optional upgrades. Enjoy a complimentary hot drink whilst you browse and there’s even games and activities to keep the kids entertained!

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