Start Knitting or Start Crochet | Trending in 2020!

21st April 2020

Advice to Start Knitting or Start Crochet | from an Expert for Beginners

We talk how to start knitting or start crochet with Laurelin, expert and business owner of Snufflebean Yarn.

Take up a new hobby that can transform your home, wardrobe and health!


Trending in 2020!

Knitting is back! This traditional hobby is making a comeback in a big way, and you can be at the forefront of the revival!

Livingetc quotes: “Over on Instagram the hashtag #KnittersOfInstagram has a staggering 6.3 million posts and #KnittersGottaKnit an impressive 497k. But a lesser-known hashtag #Knitflix is making its way up the ranks with 12.5k photos and counting…”

In a modern world where technology is dominant, this unexpected hobby has soared into view in the most spectacular way. Forget what you think of knitting and crochet, and get prepared to take on this new hobby which will transform your home, your wardrobe and even your health!



Your Health | Keeping Busy, Learning and Relaxing.

start knitting

Having a hobby is a great way to keep busy, and in times like these, it is essential for our wellbeing to just that.

Studies have found that knitting helps with your mental health, improving stress levels and especially effective in managing anxiety and depression. Knitting is a meditative activity that creates calm by requiring focus. So time to put down your mobile phone and get some downtime with a knitting distraction.

Learning a new skill is a great way to use this extra time we have on our hands right now. When we come out the other side, won’t it be great to say how you spent your time bettering your skills with a classic?

The benefits are clear, and not to mention that you will end up with a fantastic ‘something new’ for your home or wardrobe!


Guest Content:

Snufflebean Yarn

Start Knitting or Crochet 

– by Laurelin from Snufflebean Yarn


With regards to people looking to take up knitting or crochet, I would say – go for it!

Here are a couple of YouTube channels that I highly recommend to help get started: 


When starting out, I would go for a good quality Knitting Needle or Crochet Hook as opposed to cheap plastic ones, it makes life so much easier.


For a beginner Crocheter: I would advise picking a 6mm hook and some chunky yarn. From the range I sell I would suggest Cygnet Chunky and a Clover Amour Hook (Knit Pro Waves hook is also good if the budget doesn’t stretch to the Clover).


For a beginner Knitter: I would also recommend the same yarn and some 6mm needles. I don’t currently stock any appropriate knitting needles, but I can definitely look to order some into stock in the near future (contact for up-to-date stock levels) HiyaHiya is my preferred brand, and are what I would suggest to anyone looking to buy needles.



Support Small!

Visit Snufflbean Yarn online today!

Snufflebean Yarn is a home business and passion for Laurelin, who runs her highly successful business from her garden room!

Laurelin says: “Thanks to the fact I work from my back garden, I am for now at least able to work completely as normal. My suppliers are still open, and Royal Mail collects my post for me so I am able to continue without breaking the rules we all need to follow to get us through this pandemic.”

Exterior of home office being used as a yarn business with shelves of colourful yarn inside

Laurelin explained that whilst in the past there has been a certain stigma with the fact that she operates her business from home, being that she has not been considered as a viable business. We hope they are eating their words now!

Starting knitting or crochet doesn’t require a trip out of the house to start – everything can be ordered online as well as many helpful tutorials to keep you right. 

Support small businesses and shop online today with Snufflebean Yarn and start your new knitting hobby!

Home office being used as a yarn business with shelves of colourful yarn inside and a black and white dog outside





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