Garden Music Studio

Project Overview

Home Business, G2

James is a professional music composer and was looking for a home music studio that would give him space to focus.

Music Studio
Natural Pack
2.5M X 3M
Starting From:
East London Garden

Why The Customer Needed A Garden Building

Our customer James is an award-winning composer for film, tv and game industries. James needed a professional space that he could call his own where he could be free from distractions, where no noise would come in or out.
With more than enough spare space in the garden, it seemed like the best and simplest solution.

garden music studio interior with acoustic instruments
small garden music studio

What We Did

A garden music studio from Green Retreats offers the perfect solution for a professional studio space. We worked with James to create a small music studio where he could compose his music in peace.

James chose the G2 garden room design for his studio due to its compact design. He chose a 2.5m wide by 3m deep building to fit perfectly into an unused gap in the back corner of his garden.

For the ideal garden music studio, it is best to strip back as many of the glass elements as possible to help reduce reverberation of sound. So for a project like this, we suggested reducing the number of windows and changing the door set to a more solid option, rather than the fully glazed double door options that come as standard. A single half-glazed door was added and that’s all this building needed for natural light and access.

We also fitted our acoustic pack option in this building which reduces sound transfer by up to 45db. The acoustic pack includes a full rubber wrap to all surfaces, Rockwool acoustic insulation, acoustic plasterboard, green glue suspension and acoustic laminated glass. The plastered finish of the acoustic pack is fully finished and ready for painting the colour of your choice. The acoustic pack is not soundproof by any means but this considerable reduction is enough to work from and enhance further to suit your music needs.

garden music studio
small garden music room
guitars on wall

The Finished Project

With a newly built garden room, our customer can now immerse himself into his work without household clutter, disruptions or street noise.

James has moved in all of his equipment, which is safe and secure in his studio with insurance grad locks – so that’s one less thing to worry about!
Guitars have been mounted to the walls using hooks to keep them safe and the floor space clear. Acoustic boards have been fitted to the interior walls, a sight many musicians are used to from commercial studios, to further enhance the acoustic properties of his studio.

home music studio set-up
small garden room with single door
inside a garden music studio
garden music studio

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