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A guilt-free space to make music at home is possible, if you only look outside. A garden music studio is absolutely the answer.

All to often, practicing your music craft at home is met with the frustration and anger of your house-mates. As fed up as they are of having their day interrupted with your incredible talent, you are just as fed up of hearing how fed up they are. Creating a distinction between home and hobby can be the best way to achieve balance at home.


And what if your music passion is your profession?

Our customer James is an award-winning composer for film, tv and game. James needed a professional space that he could call his own where he could be free from distractions, where no noise would come in or out.

A garden music studio from Green Retreats offers the perfect solution. Our garden rooms offer an acoustic pack which reduces sound by up to 45db, making a considerable reduction in the transfer of sound (not sound proof, but significantly reduced).

With a build time of 1-5 days it’s ideal for our customer with a busy lifestyle.

The 2.5m x 3m Inspiration garden room supplies enough room for all the recording equipment, and instruments. The single half glazed door is the best option for reducing noise.

With a newly built garden room, our customer James can now immerse himself into his work without household clutter, disruptions or street noise.


Building Details:

  •  2.5m x 3m Inspiration Garden Room
  • Acoustic Pack
  • External up/down light
  • Panel light


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