Garden Office & Music Room

Project Overview

Home Office, Basebox

Our customer needed a cost-effective, space-saving solution that would provide some much-needed office space while remaining versatile enough to be used for other applications.

Gallant Grey Paint
3.6m x 2.4m
Starting From:

What do you like most about your garden room?


“It’s a space where I can take time for myself. The great thing about having a garden room is that it’s really helped me manage my workload, hobbies and home life in a healthy way. As someone who works from home, it’s hard to switch off sometimes, and my garden room certainly helps me with that.

Before, I used to work around the house, either on the sofa or dining room table. It wasn’t conducive to a productive working day. Now I just pop down the garden and work from there!

In my spare time, I play gigs with my band, so I needed a space where I can work on ideas for new songs in peace. Having a garden room has really facilitated my creative process because while I primarily use it as an office space, it doubles up as a practise room to jam in.”

Did you know? You can increase your property value by simply adding a garden room to your garden?

Do Garden Rooms Add Value to Your Home

Basebox garden building. Garden Office & Music Room

Why Did You Choose Basebox?


“What was appealing about the Basebox building was that it was available in the exact size we wanted and fell well within our budget, which meant we could add in upgrades to give it that wow factor. Having the wiggle room in our budget meant we weren’t just ticking boxes; we were creating a space that was uniquely ours and we couldn’t be more happy with the results.”

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What did you like most about your experience with Green Retreats?


“The showroom really solidified our decision. It’s one thing seeing the buildings online and pictures of other people’s garden rooms, but to seeing them in person made the difference. We got to see all the different cladding types, building designs and additional extras up close, which made customising our garden room an easy process. The friendly showroom hosts were on hand to clarify any questions we had and took all the stress out of the whole thing.”

Did you know? Our Buckinghamshire showroom boasts 19 luxury garden buildings!

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