Professional Garden Gym

Project Overview

Home Gym, G3

For this professional athlete, a commercial gym wouldn’t give the privacy they needed to focus on their specific fitness needs. Plus, a gym on your doorstep means more time dedicated to fitness and less time on travel – working smarter, not harder!

Garden Bar
Natural Pack
7.5M X 4M
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Why Our Customer Needed A Garden Building

Fitness Goals; The best way to kick-off the day.

Our customer is a professional athlete at the top of their game, so a dedicated space to kick-off their fitness was a must.

They needed a space specifically catered to them to be able to carry out certain exercises and store specialist equipment and machinery. For this sportsperson, a purpose-built gym was the only option. Without wanting to deal with the hassle of planning permission, they needed an alternative…

Exterior of Edge home gym with bi-folds open
Exterior of G3 professional home gym with bi-folds open

What Happened Next

After researching online, this athlete found that a garden gym offered the maximum flexibility for their home dynamic and fitness goals. A garden gym that was completely detached from the main house would mean a dedicated place to focus on their fitness, away from the distractions of home, whilst also giving maximum fresh air and natural views.

When researching the options, our customer was drawn to the style and design of the Green Retreats G3 building, and it was in the net when they found that our comprehensive shopping list of options and upgrades would mean that we could take care of every aspect of their installation within just a few weeks.

Exterior of a G3 home gym in the garden
Interior of Edge home gym with equipment

The Finished Project

Professional home gym to reach every fitness goal.

This cutting-edge G3 delivers in every way, shape and form. 

The size is an impressive 7.5m x 4m extended height building, so that the customer can fully kit out their space with all the equipment they need whilst still having the freedom of movement to stretch, lunge, and jump with ease.

Designed for dynamic, high-performance training, this garden gym is tailored to facilitate peak performance. Whether it’s strength training, cardio workouts, or flexibility exercises, the generous space ensures that our customer has the space they need to push their limits and achieve their fitness goals. With its combination of innovation and practicality, this G3 sets a new standard for home workout spaces.

Exterior of G3 home gym
Exterior of G3 professional home gym with bi-folds open
Interior of G3 professional garden gym
Interior of G3 home gym

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