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Returning customer Michelle shares her garden room journey with us, explaining why she returned to Green Retreats after her move, where she had to part with her cherished garden room.

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WHY THE CUSTOMER NEEDED A Garden Office and Games Room


Michelle knows first-hand the benefits of what a garden room can bring to a home, as she previously had a Green Retreats garden room in her old home! But since moving, she couldn’t imagine life without one, “We had a Green Retreats garden room in our previous house and absolutely loved the additional space. When we moved to our new build during covid, it wasn’t even a discussion about getting a new garden room, allowing us both the space to work from home.” This Garden Office and Games Room offers a functional space, which means that this professional household can work efficiently in a dedicated space away from the house and enjoy it to indulge in hobbies.

The good thing about garden rooms is that they can be used for many applications, from office spaces to games rooms; in this case, both! “Our garden room is my husband’s space! He uses one zone as his home office and the other zone for his board game hobby!” The versatility of the garden room demonstrates that they’re not resigned to a single purpose but are instead open to a whole host of possibilities and combinations.

Did you know? Garden Rooms are a cost-effective solution to moving homes!

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Garden games room with outdoor seating area

“What do you like most about your garden room?”


“Having the additional space without having to do any costly extensions and being able to use this as an office with plenty of light and overlooking the garden, knowing there will be no interruptions!” Michelle’s Garden Office and Games Room perfectly caters to her needs by allowing her additional space in the home without the inconvenience of drawn-out building work. The G5 garden room was assembled in as little as 3 days, letting Michelle and her husband get underway to decorate their new garden room.

Did you know? You can increase your property value by simply adding a garden room to your garden?

Do Garden Rooms Add Value to Your Home

Garden Office and Games Room
interior garden games room
a garden games room in a family home
garden games room in a modern home

“What did you like most about your experience with Green Retreats?”


“The range of garden rooms to choose from and being able to customise them with so many choices. Not to mention how quickly it is then installed and ready to use! We have chosen a very different look and feel to our garden office this time but with the knowledge and reassurance of the customer service we have always had from Green Retreats.”

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garden room with inside view


Michelle’s need for a Garden Office and Games Room arose from her positive experience with Green Retreats.  The swift assembly of her G5 garden room provided her with the additional space she desired without the hassle of traditional extensions.

In conclusion, Michelle’s story demonstrates how Green Retreats’ garden rooms can transform homes and lifestyles, offering flexibility, functionality, and excellent customer service to homeowners seeking to maximize their living spaces.


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