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Hairdresser Hannah was searching for a solution to bring her business into her home that would separate her work and home life. Discover how we helped her create her dream garden hair salon.

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Why the customer needed a garden room


Hannah wanted to create a comfortable and stylish hair salon for her clients to visit and feel at ease. Whilst delivering a personable and light-hearted experience to match the open, light nature of the building. With touches of gold and glamour, you will feel like you’re at the most prestigious of locations with the shimmering decor and attention to detail Hannah supplies to her customers.

The set up of Hannahs’s garden room flows similarly to most professional hair salons. The build itself demonstrates a well-thought-out use of space. It is open plan, but the treatment chair and the salon basin are separate, with a slight step up to a higher level enhanced with an LED light strip. Small touches like this make our customer’s garden rooms unique and personable.


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hair salon

 The customers vision


Hannah did months of research before finally settling on the perfect design elements encompassing the high-end look she was after. This included navy blue hand painted wallpaper with dustings of gold and custom made furniture. The overall design of the garden room was essential to Hannah as it needed to be a welcoming space with charm and elegance, but function was also crucial.


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“Having a company which deals with the entire project including base, heating and electrics made everything easy to manage and less stressful.”

Hannah had looked at garden rooms for six months before deciding on the perfect fit. Lucky for us, Green Retreats happened to be the one she chose! We were the first building she had stumbled across, and the exterior design stuck in Hannah’s mind throughout her search. We were the chosen one! Hannah also liked the finish of the interiors of our garden rooms, giving the feel of a new build home rather than a glorified shed…Hannah’s words not ours! 

The practicality side was also extremely helpful, as a business owner it was important that all bases were covered. The knowledge that the technical side was all taken care of allowed Hannah to focus on the aesthetic she wanted her home business to represent. 

“We had some trouble while moving house, which got delayed. The team were really helpful in finding alternative dates. All the workmen went above and beyond expectations. Once we had prepared the ground, the team took over, and we only had to focus on making teas!”

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“I’m not using my kitchen or living room for my clients. My home feels like home and my clients do not feel like they are interrupting our family space.”

Owning her new garden room has lifted what could have been a heavy weight from Hannah, as she doesn’t need to worry about landlords or building regulations as she would with a traditional salon.

The hair salon is only a short distance from home, just at the end of the garden! Meaning a speedy commute and no longer having to sit in traffic or the need to sort out the logistics of her travels. Separating work and home life has allowed room for further productivity and influenced Hannahs’s strong work ethic.

The specific layout and detailed design elements of the at home salon have made working much more straightforward. Gone are the days of lugging a hair kit from place to place. The overall new set up has made the day to day much more manageable, allowing Hannah to think about future plans like starting a family!


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Before Hannah’s garden room journey, she was doing alot of travelling to and from clients, which would be tiresome for anyone by the end of the working week! With this in mind, Hannah opted for a new business venture that would allow her to have more of a permanent base for her workspace. This has given Hannah a better work/ life balance, she now feels a sense of freedom with no longer having to plan her trips from A-B, fitting in more clients, saving her time and money – and better news for the environment!

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A Hair Salon -‘Hannah Oliver Hair’


Hannah now has a professional hair salon that fully accommodates her ambitious career and lifestyle needs.

It’s the perfect place for her clients to feel pampered and enjoy the full experience of being in a salon one to one with a professional hairstylist, allowing room for complete attention to detail and a flawless customer experience.

The interior of the garden room creates an inviting and stylish atmosphere, Hannah’s customers leave feeling refreshed and Hannah can close the salon door at the end of the working day and focus on her home life.

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