Private Pilot’s Home Office

Project Overview

Home Office, G2

With a baby on the way our customers needed to covert their home office to a nursery, and needed a new solution for an office space.

Natural Pack
3M X 3M
Starting From:

Why The Customer Needed A Garden Building

As a young couple starting a family, our customers needed extra space for their soon-to-be newborn! We see this a lot, and the first space to go in place of a nursery is often the home office. Our customer works from home as a private pilot, so keeping a home office was essential. With all of the rooms inside the house soon to be fully occupied, our customers looked to their garden for a solution.

3m x 3m Garden Office
Lounge space in the garden

What We Did

Our customer found that a garden room would provide them with a comfortable year-round office that was peaceful, safe and secure. With a perfect corner space available in their garden, they chose the 3m x 3m G2 design that fits perfectly into the available gap.

Wanting to maximise the wall space inside the garden building, our customers opted to downgrade their doors to a smaller 1.45m French. A 3m x 3m building might be one of the smallest sizes we offer, but as you can see the size is perfect for a multi-use room – both a large office desk area as well as a relaxation space with a stylish sofa and TV.

Pilots office in the garden
external up/down light
1.45m French Door

The Finished Project

The building is now used as an office for the private pilot to take calls, plan routes and take exams. It is the perfect space to leave the office behind at the end of the day and focus on family when inside the house. The garden office makes for a quiet and professional space to conduct business, as well as offering a unique garden room to relax in as a family too.

small garden office close to home
small garden and small garden office
office desk in garden office
multi purpose garden office room

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