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Project Overview

Home Office, G2

Our customers needed space to focus away from the distractions of home with a professional office space.

Natural Pack
4M X 5M
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Why The Customer Needed A Garden Building

Our customers were both early adopters of the working from home movement. Working from home is set to be the norm in the way we work due to the benefits to productivity, health and environment. The benefits of working from home are well document, but there are some drawbacks such as space and focus.

With space inside the home being tight and not the right environment for their business, our customers looked outside to their large spacious garden. With space in abundance and gorgeous planted views, the garden was the perfect place to make more space.

After researching their options, our customers decided that a two-person garden office was the best solution for their extra space needs. Being completely detached from their home meant that at the end of a long day, they could lock the doors and leave the stresses of ‘the office’ behind them – creating the perfect work-life balance.

garden office with wooded views
garden room in wooded garden

What We Did

Having a large garden space available our customers decided on a medium/large 4m wide by 5m deep building. The spacious interior was perfect to create a multi-functional space, adding a small kitchenette area and using our partition wall system to create a small office toilet. This office space has everything our customers need to have a focused and enjoyable day at work without the distractions of home.

The simple and contemporary design of the G2 building was the preferred option to stay neat and compact within the vast wooded garden.

To make the most of the stunning views, our customers decided to upgrade their doors to a 3.8m sliding.

garden room in rustic garden
two person garden office interior
garden office in rustic wooded garden

The Finished Project

Working from home has never been easier for this couple, having the perfect work-life balance and a motivational workspace to keep productivity high. Our customers have furnished the interior of their office to work as a perfect two-person garden office with back to back desks and ample storage.

See the full gallery of their home office by clicking the button below:

garden office with kitchenette
garden room with pond
garden office hidden at the end of the garden
garden office in rustic garden

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