Garden Office Sheds

7th October 2023

Garden Office Sheds

Garden office sheds have grown to be a popular option for Green Retreats customers, emerging as a top choice in the garden room market.

With our extensive range of 70-size configurations, we can accommodate various garden layouts, allowing you to create the ideal garden office setup that seamlessly aligns with your home’s requirements.

Specifically, garden office sheds are a cost-effective and space-efficient alternative to conventional home extensions. Their compact and adaptable design fosters a private and professional remote workspace conducive to increased productivity.

Also, our structures come fully insulated, ensuring year-round usability regardless of the weather conditions, thus sustaining productivity levels consistently.

garden office shed

Working from home has increased significantly; with workplaces offering remote and hybrid roles, having a space within the home has never been more prevalent.

Garden office sheds presents a contemporary, straightforward, and cost-efficient solution, ideal for those who work or study at home while increasing the value of your home!

These distinctive and modern structures are appealing to the entire family, making them a desirable addition to your home.

What is a garden office shed?

Garden office sheds are a practical garden room that can be a modest or luxurious workspace. The ideal garden office shed is a small garden room or garden pod that’s been ingeniously designed to be a functional garden office. 

However, you can go lavishly large and give your garden room that wow factor that makes you want to go to work everyday!

garden office shed

9 Benefits of a Garden Office sheds



Our garden office sheds are available in over 70 size configurations for each design; this allows us to create the perfect outdoor space to suit your needs!

Our buildings feature a distinctive modular design that seamlessly integrates with your home and garden, offering a sleek and compact addition.

Additionally, our construction capabilities allow us to position our buildings as close as 40cm to any obstacle or boundary, effectively utilizing even the most challenging gaps or concealed corners in your garden.


2. Stylish

The contemporary and signature style of Green Retreats garden rooms provides a stylish flare to your home life. Our quality-built designs draw inspiration from the minimalist and natural material trends of Scandinavian design, ensuring that your garden features a lasting and modern aesthetic.

Garden office sheds provide a separate and dedicated workspace away from your main home, offering a private and professional environment for focused work. This allows you to close the doors at the end of the day, providing the satisfaction of a productive day’s work before returning home to relax.


3. Built for Quality

Our garden buildings are crafted using the finest materials during the production process, guaranteeing you get a quality garden office shed. Additionally, all our garden rooms come with a 12-year guarantee and are designed for a 30-year life. Learn more about our materials and manufacturing process here…

Grey composite clad garden room used as a garden office
4. Planning Permission Rarely Required

Opting for a garden room provides an excellent alternative to tradition home extensions. It seamlessly integrates with your living space, eliminating the hassle of needing planning permission. You can find out more about the planning permissions process here…


5. Year-Round-Use

Our commitment to using top-notch materials extends to the insulation layers in our roofs, walls, and floors, as well as the premium double glazing featured in our doors and windows. Additionally, our wall-mounted radiators come as standard to provide further thermal comfort. This ensures a cosy, dry, and comfortable insulated garden room to be enjoyed throughout the year.


6. Cost-effective

Choosing a garden room is often a more cost-effective way to offer more space to your home. Compared to their costly counterparts, a garden room is a cheaper investment than a conversion, extension, or conservatory. We employ the same high-quality building materials found in new construction homes, making our buildings as comfortable as any room within your house. Here’s how you can afford a garden room on a budget!

slim composite clad garden office
7. Private

One benefit of a garden office shed is that it is separate from your home, allowing you to manage a healthy work/life balance. So, if you need a bit of peace and quiet in your daily work life, look no further!


8. Professional

If your job requires you to take video calls or have clients come to your place of work, you want to make a good impression. A garden office shed does exactly that and more by creating a professional setting to operate your business from that’ll not only attract customers but keep them coming back.


9. Work-life balance

Creating and maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be difficult at times, especially if you work from home. Often occupying sofas, bedrooms and dining room tables, your work carries over to your home life without realising it, presenting new challenges that can be easily avoided with a garden office shed!

garden office pod

4 Garden Office Shed Ideas


1. Small Garden Office Shed

Sometimes, less is more, which is certainly the case with our small garden office sheds! Our scandi-inspired garden rooms offer a minimalistic modernity that creates an optimal work environment on your doorstep.


2. Large Garden Office Shed

Want to take your work-from-home setup to a whole new level? A large garden office shed should do the trick. Whether you need a lot of storage space or extra room to collaborate with others, our large garden room range can accommodate all your work-from-home needs.


3. Secret Retreat

For maximum privacy, use your garden surroundings to camouflage a garden office shed to create a garden hideaway! Our natural building materials effortlessly blend with your garden to create a green retreat that you can escape to.


4. Stand Out Style

We offer a range of styles and finishes which mean you can think outside the box and create garden office sheds that make a stand-out feature in your garden. With everything from cladding options, to exterior lighting, we can help create a building that will be the envy of your neighbours.

garden office shed


Start designing your garden office shed today!

Get your garden office shed journey started by requesting a Green Retreats brochure! You can browse our entire collection from the comfort of your home.

For the full Green Retreats experience, why not see our garden rooms in person? Drop in or book an appointment below to start your garden office pod project today…


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