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Work from Home in 2023

1st January 2023

Why are Garden Offices the Ultimate Work from Home Solution?

Finding a space to work from home in 2023 is the top of the priority list for many. With ‘hybrid’ working of splitting time between the office and home becoming the norm for many, it’s time to take our home office space seriously!

For far too long have we been perched in small box rooms, kitchen counters and on dining room tables, all space that don’t inspire or aid productivity.

If you’re ready to build a new work routine, read on to find out how Garden Offices can make things different!

woman using her spacious garden office to work from home


The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Working from home was not so long ago considered a perk of the job, however, the much-longed-for 30-second commute, for many of us, has finally become a realisation. Before the global pandemic, we would have spent 492 days of our lives commuting to and from work and inevitably, the pandemic has brought about a catalyst of change.

Businesses are now seeing not only the financial benefits of reducing overheads by decreasing or giving up office spaces, but also seeing the advantages within their workforce too.

The general consensus is that working from home is wholly positive and can provide a better work-life balance. Whilst this is true, there is evidence to suggest that this can be quite the opposite, with staff clocking off later than usual as they battle to ‘switch-off’ when there’s no separation between work and home.

Home Garden Office


Top 5 Advantages of Working from a Garden Office


1. Stay Healthy

Long before our dining rooms became hot desks, we would break bread, not our backs hunched over makeshift workstations.

It’s vital that your work setup is ergonomic to ensure good health and well-being at home. Tilting your head to read emails on your laptop while on the sofa is a recipe for aches and pains. If you’re struggling to find a space to work in your home, make one instead with a contemporary garden room.


2. Add Value to Your Home

Like any extension, adding new space to your house is an effective way to increase the value of your home. A spare room in the property is desperately sought after since the popularity of remote and hybrid working skyrocketed. Property comparison site OnTheMarket shows the average cost between a 2-bed and 3-bed property is a whopping £68,367! For an economical solution to upsizing, why not choose a garden office? Starting from £11,372,  you can have a cost-effective garden office for yourself!



3. Improve Productivity

Your home can be full of distractions. Noisy speakers, flashing tellies, or rumbling washing machines, there will always be something to make you lose focus at home. A busy house makes for an impractical work environment; streamline your productivity with a private garden office.

Not convinced? Neuroscientist Colin Ellard research shows that people who work in garden offices are more productive! Their focus increased by 25% from simply working in a garden office instead of their bedroom. Escape your home and retreat to your green garden room.


4. Design Your Own Office

Create the office of your dreams! Some office design schemes aren’t conducive to practical working environments. Harsh lighting, cold spaces and quite frankly, some questionable décor choices. With your own garden office however, you have the creative freedom to design the perfect workspace. Whether you want a contemporary, slick design or a comfy and cosy space, it’s entirely up to you!


5. Eco-Friendly Workspace

You’d be surprised how eco-friendly garden offices can be. Our fully insulated garden rooms mean you’ll be saving the planet while working from home. Additionally, our garden offices are made from responsibly sourced timber. As part of our eco policy, for every tree we use in production, Green Retreats guarantee to replant five more to ensure the conservation of our beautiful forests. Do your bit for the planet, work from home in 2023.

Garden office building in country garden


So, what’s the solution?

Work from Home in a Garden Office

We have long been advocates for utilising your garden to create extra space, no matter the use. One of the most popular uses for our garden rooms are garden offices for those who work from home, but want to be away from the house.

Our garden offices provide the ultimate work from home space that gives you the best of both worlds – an office to work in without the distractions of home life and when it’s time to finish, you can walk away and lock up and resist the urge to open the laptop.

Suitable for year round use there’s no need to pack away when the seasons change, meaning you can create a unique office that suits your work style! Sizes start at just 4m² and go up in half-metre increments to 30m² with width and depth choices to suit whatever you need.


Do I need planning permission for a Garden Office?

Garden rooms generally do not require planning permission because they fall within permitted development rights. Garden rooms are classed as ‘outbuildings’ and as such can be built without permission as long as customers comply with permitted development guidelines. Read more about planning requirements



Choosing a Garden Office Company

Whilst there are plenty of options out there for customers to look at, Green Retreats have become the go-to provider for the turn-key solution to garden offices. With modern showrooms in Buckinghamshire and Twickenham, unparalleled customer service, a 5* Trustpilot rating and an enviable environmental policy, Green Retreats are the clear choice when choosing a garden office provider in 2023.


Key Facts and Prices

Prices start at £11,732, which includes all of the essentials; a choice of doors, a window, internal wiring, flooring choices, plus much more. Prices also include the concrete pile base, full installation and VAT.

– Designed and built in the UK
– 10-year guarantee
– Eco-friendly
– Insulated, weatherproofed and heated for year-round-use
– Planning permission rarely required



Want to Work from Home in 2023? Get in touch!

We’d be delighted to help with your work from home plans for 2023 and talk to you about our garden offices. Please fill out the form below and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss your ideas.

For more inspiration, take a look at our videos!

Our garden rooms are priced based on the internal sizes rather than the exterior footprint, making it easier for you to plan your space. The price includes base, installation and VAT so there are no (nasty) surprises when it comes to final payment!


Building Measurements

You can get a great idea of how your new garden office will look by using the 360 degree rotating viewer.

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Start designing your garden room today using our online Visualiser tool. You’ll be able to choose your style, size, finishes and get an accurate cost.

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