Garden Room Interior Ideas

22nd September 2020

4 Cool Garden Room Interior Ideas for Your Project

Having enough room at home has never before been so important, and dedicated spaces can be vital to maintaining the right balance. The only issue is, some of us don’t have room within the four walls of our homes to create these spaces. That’s where we at Green Retreats step in with the solution of garden rooms, which you can use all year round, away from the house. You might already have your very own garden room ideas planned, but when it comes to making a space your own, we’ve put together a few examples for you in our guide to garden room interior ideas.

Garden Craft Room

One thing a vast majority of us have been keeping ourselves busy with over the last few months has been crafting and DIY. Pinterest has seen a huge surge in visitors looking for a new craft idea, whether that be how to sew a face mask or clay modelling ideas. Whatever your crafting hobby may be, we have some excellent garden room interior ideas to enhance your brand new space.

Firstly, you’re going to need a surface to work on. Remember that most crafting takes up space. You’ll need a surface big enough to scatter all your supplies, and for that, a large, practical desk space that’s both affordable and customisable should be one of the first things to consider purchasing for your garden room. There’s plenty of suppliers to choose from that offer a variety of different shapes, heights, textures, and colours suit your style – some of which are height and length adjustable!

Don’t forget, hobbies need storage space too. Shelves, bookcases, chests of drawers, you name it; you’re going to want to think about how to make the best use of the space available when you’re planning your garden room interior.

What’s great about Green Retreats is that our garden room sizes and prices are based on internal floor measurements and in easy-to-understand half metre increments, so you’ll always know how much space you’ll have to play with. We also provide a handy room planner in our free brochure pack, so get yours today to start planning your space.

craft space with colourful yarn garden room interior idea

Create a Garden Bar and Entertainment Space

Planning for the time, we can have people over again for a get together is something we quite often find our customers doing. A garden room gives you a space at home, away from the house where you can fling the doors open to create a space that’s both a wonderful extra space and bright and airy at the earliest convenience. One of the many entertainment spaces our customers have created is the ultimate garden bar. So why not join this growing trend? It’s 5 pm somewhere in the world, right?

Before you put in the pumps and myriad of your favourite bottles of tipple, you’ll need somewhere to store everything so think about storage cabinets with worktops to pour your drinks. You’ll also need a coat rack, space for a fridge or two, sofas, chairs and speakers if you’re looking to create the ambience of a cocktail bar.

modern stylish home bar garden room interior idea

A Reading Room in the Garden

Getting engrossed in a good book has become one of the main perks of being at home more often. However, with the family also being around more, that feeling of being transported to a different time and place is difficult when you don’t have a quiet space to relax in. Our garden rooms provide you with arguably the best space available to lock yourself away and escape the stresses of the household. But how do you create the ultimate reading room in your new space?

With winters feeling like they last an eternity, it’s always prudent to think about an interior theme that is both light and airy in summer and cosy in winter. The space we create for you is insulated for year-round use, so kick-back, relax and get absorbed into a good book in the comfort of your brand new garden reading room, no matter what the weather.

The key to comfort is layers and textures, and these can be achieved with the use of rugs, throws, cushions and bookshelves. Remember books themselves can add an element of texture, cosiness and decoration too. You may want to cover every corner of your room with freestanding bookshelves to create a cosy reading area, and although we can’t all make our reading rooms look like a bookshop, one thing we would recommend is a plush sofa to lounge and read on throughout the day.

Another essential element to consider in your reading room is good reading light. We offer many door and window choices to ensure you have plenty of natural light and we have multiple lighting options that can be placed in key areas to ensure your space is lit in a way that ensures you do not need to strain your eyes when reading your books.

White bookshelf with colourful books

The Ultimate Garden Games Room

For those avid gamers whether that be on a console, PC or even something more traditional like board games or pool, have you ever considered your own, personal games room at home? Our solution provides the perfect place to create the ultimate games room where you can store, play and relax in with friends and family all-year-round.

If you’re planning on a room for board games, we again recommend bookshelves as a great way to display and store your favourites. Placing them in cupboards, you run the risk of forgetting what you have and only ever playing the same handful of games. It’s a good idea to have two separate areas to play in too; one with a large table with plenty of chairs for when you need space to spread out, and second for a lounge area when you’ve stopped playing or those who have been knocked out!

If you’re looking for an environment for video games, our spaces are easily hard-wired to your existing internet connection so you can enjoy gaming without interruption. Get in touch with us today to talk about the different options when it comes to the connection of power and internet to your games room.

garden games room with pool table garden room interior pictures

Our garden rooms many benefits including quick construction in just 2-5 days, premium insulation to ensure your space is suitable to use al year round plus much more. If you’d like to find out more about how you can turn your garden into a stylish extension of your home away from the house, then why not get in touch with us using the form below.

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