Garden Room Ideas

5th January 2024

Garden Room Ideas

Enjoying the garden all-year-round


We’ve created a list of the top 11 garden room ideas to get your creative juices flowing and inspire your move to the great outdoors. 

Garden room ideas for those of us lucky enough to have a garden! When the sun comes out we can stretch out of our homes into the extra space of the garden. Even if it’s just for part of the day, having your garden open for business when spring and summer roll around is like getting an extension built on your home. But, the great British weather often has other ideas – cue the rain.

That exciting and refreshing feeling of being out in the garden needn’t be reserved for summer, not when you try one of these garden room ideas. 


Top 11 Garden Room Ideas


1. She Shed or Man Cave

An Adult Retreat in the garden.

garden room man cave

Man Caves and She Sheds. Whether you want to assign a gender to your room or not, the same remains true – adult retreats in the garden are incredibly cool.

For most of us, since we dreamt of owning our first home we had visions of creating a room that didn’t conform to the rules; and was everything that your parents wouldn’t have allowed in your room growing up. 

Now that the rebellious dreamers and modern thinkers are grown up and buying houses, we are seeing some very ingenious garden room ideas that dreams are made of. Garden pubs, pool table rooms, cinema rooms, games rooms, hobby rooms, prosecco pods, gin palaces, art studios, writing dens, home gyms… the list goes on!

Make a room you actually want in your home. 


2. Go big in a small garden

Large and in-charge!

Large garden building

Make a garden building the focal point of your exterior design by using large garden rooms in smaller spaces. With our gorgeous designs and seamless blend of natural and composite materials, even the largest of garden buildings can look at home in a smaller setting. A top tip for this garden room idea is to position your building square against your back boundary as pictured above, making the building blend in with the garden fence.

With the help of our design consultants, we can make sure that your garden room ideas and design suit your space and your needs, whether they be big or small!

They will also make sure that your building complies with the many rules that come with larger buildings. Our team make light work of this and take that headache away for you, so nothing to worry about there! 


3. Blend in

Hidden away, a secret den, a private retreat.

Garden Room Ideas showing garden buildings blending in with nature

For those wanting garden room ideas to reconnect with nature, look no further! With so many garden building designs to choose from in a range of finishes, you can create a building that complements the scenery and blends in harmoniously with its surroundings. Our natural cladding options are a great choice for keeping a neutral aesthetic in the garden, and also can blend away against a garden fence.


4. Stand out

Be bold and stand out!

Dynamic garden room in black

Rooms in the garden are a modern space creating a solution with unique styling, so why not make a feature of it! Quite often we have found that our garden buildings quickly become the most wanted item in neighbourhoods – once one person has one, they all want one! Get creative with yours and make it stand out from the rest with your own style and flair. 


5. Add Storage

Get rid of your shed and create storage at the same time.

Exterior of Pinnacle garden room with two seperate sets of doors

Sheds… where do we start? Generally cold, damp and in need of constant TLC. Having storage in the garden is important to help keep things organised both in the garden and in the house. 

If you are thinking of having a garden building installed, why not consider sectioning a part of it off to replace the garden shed and create even more space in your garden with a garden room and shed combo? The storage space in your garden building would be insulated and safely insurance grade locked too. 


6. Work-life balance with a garden office

The 30-second commute is a winner.

garden room ideas for offices in the garden

Garden offices are by far some of the most popular garden room ideas of 2024, and it makes sense why. Work is work, and home is home – to create a great work-life balance you need to be able to separate the two.

With a garden office, at the end of the day, you can close the door behind you and leave work there. No messy paperwork on the dining room table or the temptation to pop back into the study. 

The benefits extend to the other members of your household too. If you are away in the garden focusing on work, your family doesn’t need to tip-toe around you – making a more positive experience for everyone.

Being away from the distractions of the home can help a lot of people focus to get their job done more efficiently. Some of our customers even include a small kitchen and WC in their garden office buildings to reduce the need to go to the house at all. 

If you run your own business from your home – separate office space is far more professional than using a room in the house. Bringing clients to your garden office and not through your home is a great way to keep things professional and modern. 


7. Multi-purpose spaces

Make the most of it!

garden room ideas for unique garden rooms

Garden buildings are versatile and adaptable spaces, being a blank canvas for you to use as you please! Unlike a room in the house, a garden building doesn’t have a use forced on it, and because these buildings are so modern there are no predetermined expectations of what you can achieve. For example, if you turned your dining room into a dining room/cinema room, it would be cool but would be a bit odd – because that’s the dining room

However, a garden office that doubles as a cinema room or garden games room – yes! Very appropriate and very cool. 

You can make your garden building multi-purpose with simple furniture choices, or using our partition wall system to create completely separate rooms. 


8. Bring the outside in with panoramic views

The great outdoors is the perfect view.

Garden room ideas don’t come better than this! If you have a gorgeous garden or view, make the most of it! Large glazed door-sets and windows can be positioned almost anywhere on your garden building. All of our doors and windows are premium double-glazed so even when it’s cold a rainy you can be looking out comfortable at the dramatic view. Bi-fold doors are a fashionable and practical upgrade option for the warmer months when you can covert your garden building into a completely open space and be at one with nature. 


9. Small Garden Room Ideas or Garden Pods

Size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it.

small garden room

It has never been easier to make the most of the space you have available. Current scandi-inspired trends have the solution for creating a cosy and comfortable home, making smarter use of the space you have available. Clever storage and modern minimalist furniture mean that you can make the most of any garden room idea size, even the tiniest garden pods. 

Small garden rooms are not only reserved for postage-stamp-sized gardens either. Your garden style or desired purpose might suit a much smaller building. Or if you are simply looking for a little bit of personal space away from the distractions of the home, then having a small room tucked in a faraway garden corner might be the very thing!


10. Inside-Outside

A summer 2024 trend you can have in any season.

The summer 2024 garden trend of Inside-Outside is set to stay, and it’s clear why. ‘Inside-Outside’ is the garden room decorating idea of bringing elements of home interior styling outside to your garden room. Think tiles, mirrors, shelves and rugs are just for inside your home? Think again!

With getting more comfortable outside and softening your garden space with touches of home – what could be more fitting than adding a room to the garden that’s home from home itself! Our garden buildings are built to the same high quality as a room in your house, but with the added twist of being a unique and stylish feature in your garden. What’s more, when the weather takes a turn your room in the garden is still a completely functional space to retreat to. 

A garden cinema is a great summer or winter space which is fun for all-the-family.


11. Garden Bars

Pubs and bars open all hours.

Gin Garden Bar Shed

Adults only fun with a garden bar or garden pub is a great way to create fun at home. Socialising with friends or simply escaping the hustle and bustle of home, your garden bar is sure to be the envy of all of your neighbours! Take the party outside to your sports bar, prosecco palace or classic pub – then you don’t have to worry about tiding up until the following day either! Make the most of your garden bar in summer and create a garden area next door – after all the pub garden is a great British staple!





Don’t be limited – think outside the box!

Our buildings are the perfect blank canvas to create a room that fits your needs. Don’t be limited by our garden room ideas, and think outside the box! Available in a range of sizes and designs, we can also create a beautiful and stylish addition to your home and garden too.

Whatever idea you have for your garden room, our friendly and professional teams are here to help. Whenever you are ready to chat, we can discuss your project and draw up a detailed quote to help turn your extra space dreams into reality. We can discuss over the phone, and also complete a site visit to ensure that your plot is suitable – all of which is completely free with no obligation.


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