Small Garden Offices

23rd September 2023

Garden offices are a modern way to create a professional workspace; all in the comfort and practicality of your home garden.

Perhaps you don’t have space inside your home to create a study, or you realise that the distractions of home are too much when working from home and you are unable to achieve a good work/life balance. A small garden office can help.

small garden office
Small garden?

Small garden offices are a great solution for customers who have small gardens – typical in the UK, especially in our big cities!

… or looking for a small office in a larger garden?

Perhaps you are looking for a small garden office as a hidden den in your garden for total privacy.

Either way, small garden offices are a great addition to your home and lifestyle.

Small garden office sizes

Our small garden offices are available in sizes from 5 square metres and upwards, in over 70 size configurations in total.

Our 4 garden office designs have been created to suit different tastes and styles. Each has unique external design features that give every building it’s identity; such as the curved corner of the TGO4 and then statement roof of the TGO1.

If you are looking for the absolute smallest garden office, then the TGO2 building is your best choice as this design has a compact external design, giving it the smallest overall footprint of any of our garden office buildings. This building has no deck steps of overhanging roof elements for a neat and industrial look.

Small garden office prices

and what’s included

Our small garden offices start at £21,995 for a 2.5m x 2.5m design. Our prices are completely transparent with no hidden costs, meaning this price includes; VAT, installation, base/foundations, doors and windows, lighting, heating, internal electrics, stylish oak laminate flooring and much more…

small garden offices
Make it yours

You can personalise your small garden office to suit your needs. Sizes are available in over 70 configurations from 5 – 30 square metres internally. We also offer a range of options included in the price, such as lighting and laminate floor colours, as well as a full suite of additional cost upgrades, such as air-conditioning and plastering.

Start designing your garden office now with our online configurator…

Why choose a small garden office?


Planning permission rarely required

The great news is that no matter what size of building you choose from Green Retreats, planning permission is rarely required – saving you time and money.


Work/life balance

A small garden office lets you keep your home and work life completely separate. The benefits of keeping the two separate will be felt not only by you, but by the rest of your household too. When you are finished at the end of the day you can close the doors behind you and relax at home without the temptation to continue working when you should be spending time with your family.


Private & professional

As a completely detached room away from the house, your small garden office is a space to focus and work in peace and quiet. No more will you need to worry about someone in your household walking in or making noise during a meeting. You have complete control of the environment. This also gives your family a break too, not having to tiptoe around your home office during the day.

A small garden office is a more professional outfit for holding client meetings than inviting them into your home. Again, helping to keep your private life, private.

small garden office

Why choose Small Garden Offices?


Insulated for year-round use

We use only premium grade materials to insulate our garden buildings. The finished result is a warm, dry and breathable space that is as comfortable as a room in your home.


Built in 1-5 days

Small garden offices only take 1-5 days to install, depending on your chosen options. This causes minimal disruption to your life – you will barely notice we are there!


5 star rating on Trustpilot

Our customers love us! The Garden Office and Green Retreats have both been awarded 5 stars by our customers on the independent review site Trustpilot – and we are thrilled! Customer service and quality are at the heart of what we do, so it’s great to know we are doing it right. Read our reviews here…


Fully transparent pricing & process

We don’t believe in hiding the facts and not being clear about how much your small garden office project will cost. This is why we have a transparent and fully inclusive pricing policy. Our prices are clearly listed in our brochure and on our website, which always includes as many of the ‘essentials’ as we can. We also provide a fully inclusive quote specific to your project following your free design consultation or showroom visit.



When you buy small garden offices from Green Retreats, you can be sure that your decision has been an eco-friendly one. We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously, from the sourcing of our materials to our solar-powered factory. Find out more about how we care for the environment.


10-year guarantee

All small garden offices comes with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee for quality.

Small garden offices & planning permission

Planning permission for small garden offices is rarely required. Garden office buildings are classed as ‘outbuildings’ and as such they fall within permitted development rights.
If for any reason you don’t have permitted development rights and do require planning permission, then we take care of the application process for you – saving you the headache.

Find out more about garden offices and planning permission here…

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