Mel’s Art Studio

Project Overview

Art Studio, G1

Melanie created the perfect garden art studio at home to inspire creativity and give focus to her passion.

Art Studio
Graphite Pack
5.5m x 3m
Starting From:

Why the customer needed a garden room

“2020 like a lot of people, changed a lot of things as a family, so the focus came back onto my own artistic practise”


Our customer Melanie is a full-time art teacher and a busy mum. She found that lockdown reset her perspective on things and gave her an opportunity to focus on her own personal art talents. Melanie really wanted a dedicated space where she could practise her artistry and not get distracted by the everyday interruptions of a busy family home.

Not only did Melanie need extra space at home to practice her art, but she also longed for extra storage space – with the ever accumulating “stuff” every modern house seems to acquire! From art supplies to toys, bikes, tools and other bulky household items, space at home was at a breaking point.

Edited Sky - MEL_TGO1_5
Inside garden room art studio close up shot of screenprint A4 aartwork

 The customers vision


After much research, Melanie decided that a garden room building that stood completely separate to their existing home was the best option for their extra space needs. Having a separate garden art studio would mean that Melanie could focus on her craft in complete privacy. With nature being a key influence in Melanie’s art style, having panoramic views of the garden, ample natural light and fresh air makes Melanie’s art studio the perfect spot to immerse herself in her artwork.

Melanie and her partner had a specific vision for their garden room building, planning carefully about the best way to gain the most use and practicality of the extra space. They decided that dividing the space using partition walls into two separate areas was right for them; with a dedicated art studio to the left, and a secure storage area to the right. This way Melanie could have her art studio free of clutter with all the necessary equipment to hand, whilst all typical household storage items can be kept discreetly out of sight.

Partition walls are a great way to separate your garden room and use it multi-functionally to maximise your space. Read our hints and tips of creating a multi-purpose garden room here

Melanie and her partner choose the stylish G1 building as their blank canvas to create their multifunctional art studio. The G1 has modern accents of graphite to contrast the natural soft wooden cladding, and a contemporary overhanging hood that is reminiscent of traditional log cabins. Natural light and views were a must, so Melanie opted for sliding doors in order to fit this criteria, save space and allow better movement for entry and exit.

Low long shot photo of garden room with purple and yellow flowers in focus closer to lense
Inside garden room art studio of paintings on a shelf
Wooden clad garden room with ginger cat in foreground

The finished project

 ‘I’m going to start enjoying myself’  


Melanie’s garden art studio has become a space where she can really enjoy herself and thrive through her art. But it has not only benefited her, Melanie’s children also use the space to complete their homework and be creative too.

The garden studio has enabled Melanie to wind down at the end of the day and incorporate her learnings from her garden room to work as an art teacher; keeping a distinction between work and home life. Not only that, Melanie feels as though her artistry has excelled since working from her garden room.

Melanie’s finished garden art studio space speaks to her art. It has a real sense of calm whilst it is only a very small walk away from her family home, it truly has become a space to call her own, nestled amongst the beautiful wildflowers.

The decor is authentic to Melanie’s style, a classic canvas with added pops of colour and various textures. The perfect place to be creative! The end result has been life changing according to Melanie and it’s also a place for all the family to fully dedicate their time to what they love.

Garden room in the back ground with garden table and chairs as main photo feature and tree table plants in the middle
Close up shot of inside garden room art studio showing work desk and brushes
Outside garden room with lolly pop tree and ginger cat stretching
Inside garden room art studio of paintings on a shelf and plants on the desk

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