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This customer was looking for a way to create more space at home without dealing with the prolonged building works that traditional home extensions like conservatories take. With this in mind, he looked into alternatives and, to his surprise, found a multi-purpose garden room solution that met his needs perfectly with Green Retreats.

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4m x 3m
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Why the customer needed a multi-purpose garden room


Space is hard to find. More often, we’re finding that our customers come to Green Retreats for this exact reason. Extensions can get costly quickly and moving homes can be a stressful experience. In this case, this customer wanted an alternative to that avoided these issues. “Extra space is hard to find and using some spare space in the garden made absolute sense to offer so much additional use, while not disturbing the family inside the house,” says Green Retreats customer Dan Beadle.

luxury garden room with bi-fold doors
multi-purpose garden room with decking

“Why did you choose a multi-purpose garden room instead of a traditional home extension?”


“The garden rooms are built so quickly and with very little mess or disturbance to your existing garden,” says Dan. With the average Green Retreats Garden Room build time lasting between 2-5 days, the process is seamless and hassle-free.

He adds, “Most of the garden rooms do not need planning permission, so it really is an easy way to add space to your house. To be honest, once you are inside, you would barely know the difference.”


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luxury garden room with bi-fold doors

“What did you like most about your experience with Green Retreats?”


“Green Retreats did everything from start to finish and all we had to do was turn the key to open a fully finished building with electrics, air conditioning, flooring, plastered, painted etc. Being able to visit the showroom and see all the options is really great to see exactly what you are getting and help choose from all the options (it is very hard to find this elsewhere)…They also look great and add some wow factor to your garden. The cost of moving house to gain the equivalent space is far greater.”


Did you know? Garden Rooms are a cost-effective solution to moving homes!

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luxury garden room with bi-fold doors
interior garden room



When you want the most for your home, why limit it? This multi-purpose garden room is the definition of versatility by combining a gym, office and living room, seamlessly blending them together for an outdoor, multifunction space.

The spacious 7.5m x 4m G1 gives Dan the option to work, exercise or relax all in one area, “We can use our garden room all year around and offers some space to work or play, away from the house. It not only looks good, but also works well with the garden when you open up the doors to the decking to provide an outside lounge and dining area.”

He adds, “We love our garden room as it offers a private office space for working from home, but also a gym for working out and a lounge area to watch films and sport…what more could you want? Adding air conditioning was a great addition for those hot summer days, when the family prefer being in the garden room rather than the house!”


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