Spiro’s gym & hot tub garden room

Project Overview

Home Gym, G1

Green Retreats supplied the perfect garden room to compliment their newly landscaped garden with a gym and hot tub!

Home Gym
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Spiro's Gym & Hot Tub Garden Room

Why The Customer Needed A Garden Building

Husband and wife, and lovely big dog Arthur, wanted to invest in making their home a place that they wanted to spend time in as a result of working from home during the pandemic. They realised that they loved being at home and wanted to make even more of the space they had by adding a home gym and hot tub garden room.

Don’t move, improve! … Spiro has always lived in Epsom and the beautiful home he shares with his wife was where they wanted to stay, so they didn’t want to move – they improved what they had instead!

side angle shot of garden room with gym equipment inside and hot tub in distance
Side view of half the garden and half of the garden room featuring the hut tub

What We Did

Their home improvement project was all planned to be completed at the same time, including a single story extension to the rear of the property, full garden landscaping and a large garden building at the end of the garden.

The couple wanted a separate garden gym building for fresh air and dedicated space to focus on their fitness whilst being able to enjoy panoramic views of their gorgeous garden.

After visiting the Green Retreats showroom, the couple also decided that a hot tub would mean they would get even more use out of their garden by creating an extra relaxation space that they could enjoy after workouts or in the evenings with a glass of wine. The canopy extension to their garden room meant their hot tub could be protected from the elements meaning they could enjoy the space no matter the weather. Plus, the cover adds extra privacy for a secluded relaxing soak.

Water fountain with garden room in the background
hot tub next to the garden room
far photo of full garden room with hot tub and patio area

The Finished Project

The finished result is a garden to rival all gardens!

  • BBQ area with seating to relax with friends,
  • Serene raised pond with water feature
  • Modern garden gym with stunning natural views
  • Private hot tub area for complete relaxation

Finished with stunning planting and a careful selection of trees for an evergreen garden view to enjoy all year round from the comfort of both the gym, hot tub and new rear kitchen extension.

zoomed in shot of garden room showing gym equipment inside
distant shot of garden room showing patio area
Full garden view with water fountain and seating area
The two owners sat next to their garden room with their dog

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