7 Home and Garden Trends 2024

7 Home and Garden Trends 2024

How to incorporate your home improvements into your garden



Garden rooms were one of the most popular home and garden trends for 2023 and we don’t see this changing in 2024!

With a rise in homeowners deciding to extend their existing homes and make the most of their space, a garden room building is a stylish addition to your garden, an extension of your home interior AND a way to improve your lifestyle.

Creating a space where you can be in your zone away from the house and still feel at home. Since the pandemic, it has taught us the value of how vital our well-being is, physically and mentally.

A Garden room would be the perfect addition to make you feel more at home, adding increasing value to your property. Our garden buildings are designed for quality, complete with a 12-year guarantee and are designed for year-round use.


Discover our top home and garden trends for 2024 to inspire your garden room project!
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Lifestyle Trends 2024:


1. Hybrid Working 

It has now become the new norm for many people to be working from home at least a few times a week. Statistics showed that 8 in 10 people were working a ‘hybrid’ or ‘remote’ role in 2023, with an expected increase this year again.

Hybrid and remote working come with so many benefits, but can also come with some challenges. Creating a balance between work and home isn’t easy, especially if you need a dedicated space to work in. Finding a suitable space can make all the difference.

A garden building as a garden office can help create a quality working space that feels like a room in your house. Being detached from home gives you the freedom to focus on your work without the distractions of daily life. Plus, at the end of the day, you can close the doors behind you and walk away – creating the ideal work/life divide.

Garden offices continue to be a growing home and garden trend in 2024 and beyond! An investment worth making for the future.


What our customers say about their garden office→



2. Fitness at the forefront 

The global health scares of the past few years are still a niggling thought in our minds, which has driven fitness to the forefront again, with us all having seen the effects of not prioritising our health.

With this in mind there has been an increase in homeowners adding workout spaces into the home, in order to hit the gym whenever it suits.

A garden room as a garden gym is the perfect solution! With no membership fees, no pressure environment, and no need to rush from straight from work as it’s only a few steps from your back door.

Plus, you can personalise your gym to your preferred workout style whether you’re into weight lifting, yoga, cardio or a mixture!


3. Welcomed Wellness 

Wellness isn’t a new buzzword, or a new lifestyle trend that’s appeared, but it’s firmly sticking around in 2024, with homeowners seeing the benefits of crafting interiors that benefit the mind and soul as well as being practical.

It’s no wonder too, with a mental health epidemic, the adoption of more technology into our daily lives, we all need time and space to switch off from the distractions that make us buzz. With this we expect to see a continued rise in summer houses, hobby rooms and zen rooms.

Whether you’re looking to create a quiet reading corner, meditation room or a zen zone dedicated to desensitising, an insulated garden room is the perfect solution to make your envisioned space usable all year round.

When it comes to decorating, think about including plants and natural materials that have been proven to reduce stress levels, making us feel more grounded and at peace. If you’re not a plant person, consider having some of your walls a sage green to evoke a calm feeling as soon as you step inside.

Ready to press pause? Find out more about our insulated summer houses



Garden Trends 2024:


4. Outdoor Entertaining

The great thing about garden buildings is they make a brilliant space for entertaining.

Entertaining your guests can be so much fun in a space that’s dedicated just to that. Think of all the uses you could get from having a garden building and how impressed your guests will be!

Garden Bars are a very popular use of a garden building, especially if you always love gathering with your friends and family. Outdoor entertaining can be much more than having people over all the time. Another popular use for a garden room could be an at-home cinema built into the garden building, a perfect place to watch all your favourite movies and great to have movie nights with family and friends. You can even turn your garden building into a games room or pool house! The space is limitless when you have a garden room.

It can be used all year round with its versatile uses, and the great thing about having a garden building is you can design it exactly how you want

This could be a perfect space for any occasion and during any time of the year.


Did you know? We offer a side canopy option on our G1 building design that make the perfect covered hot tub shelter! 



Interiors trends 2024:


5. Colour!

We’ve looked at the interior colours for 2024, and we think you’re going to love what we’ve found…

Warm, rich colours are in for 2024, so let’s be creative and explore the use of colours in your garden building!

After the uncertainty of the last few years, it’s time to inject some colour back into the interiors to lift the mood and create a creative, joyous atmosphere where we also feel calm and collected. Check out the Colours of the Year from both Dulux and Pantone to give you some style inspiration for your garden room interior.

We offer a plastering option with a painted finish as an optional upgrade! Let our decorator know the colour, and we will get it sorted for you! 

Colours from Benjamin Moore


6. Bring the outdoors in

We already know that surrounding ourselves with plants has a therapeutic value, so there will be a continued focus on regaining our connection to the natural world. Bringing the outdoors into our interiors through natural lighting and planting schemes will help create a calming environment.


7. Curve Appeal

Curve accents are popping up across design features and are making their way into our homes. Driven by a younger generation who are drawn to organic shapes that add softness instead of design rigidity. Whether it be a curved sofa, round mirror or curved-building accent (hint hint!), get ready to embrace circular elements that draw you in for a hug.


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