Top 4 Garden Games Room Ideas

24th July 2023

Make Your Garden Fun With These Games Room Ideas!

Gardens are so much more than boring plots of grass at the end of your house; they are spaces designed to encourage fun and entertainment, something that these games room ideas have in abundance. 

Take your current space and make it something special with a games room. Whether you’re a casual snooker hobbyist or a dedicated Warhammer enthusiast, here are some fun ways to turn your garden into the ultimate game experience! You might also find some great garden room decorating ideas along the way too!

Pool Table Room

1.) Pool Table

When we start thinking about games room ideas, a pool table immediately springs to our minds. A favourable pastime for many, a pool table is the perfect addition to a garden games room. You can master the art of pool anytime you wish without having to nip down your local pub and wait for one to become free.


A garden room rarely needs planning permission! For those living in conservation areas, garden rooms prove to be an effective alternative to awkward and complicated home extensions. Check out this garden games room case study to find out more!

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TG04 Garden Room

2. Arcade Machine

Remember the days when you’d pester your parents for money so you could go to the arcade? Well, with your own garden arcade, you can play to your heart’s content for free. Be the envy of your neighbourhood with your very own garden games room kitted out with old-school classics such as Streetfighter, Space Invaders or Pacman.

arcade machine in a games room

3. Board Games

Escape the noise of reality and transport yourself to a mythical world of fantasy in a garden games room perfectly designed for your next quest. The benefit of a garden room is that it’s separate from the main home to ensure no distractions might pull you away from the immersive roleplay. Once inside, the outside world fades away, allowing you to focus solely on play.

Garden Office and Games Room
interior garden games room

4. Dart Board

A dart board is one of the perfect garden games room ideas for your home by providing endless entertainment and friendly competition. With its combination of skill, precision, and strategy, darts is a timeless game that can captivate players of all ages and skill levels. Become dialled in, aim, and fire your way to 180 to become the victor and retain bragging rights amongst your friends as a darts champion.

garden games room ideas featuring a pool table, dart board and pinball machine
interior of a garden games room with pool table and bar with dart board

Style Your Garden Games Room

Having a garden games room offers a unique opportunity to enhance your gaming setup and create an immersive and dedicated space for your gaming activities. Whether you’ve downsized or are looking to relocate within your home, a garden games room provides the ideal solution. One of the key benefits of a garden games room is the ability to customise it to your liking. Check out these games room ideas for some design inspiration!

Exterior of a man cave with its bi-fold doors open, looking into an entertainment space
Here’s our top 3 tips to kit out your garden games room!


1. Sound System

You can invest in surround sound systems that allow you to hear every nuance and detail of your games. This creates a more realistic and immersive experience, making you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. So if you’re playing on a console, you NEED to have a good sound system for your garden games room.

2. Bar

Adding a bar to your games room can make it the perfect social hub for games night! Invite family, friends or neighbours over for tasty cocktails before going head to head for some friendly competition.

So, if you fancy a scotch while playing cards or a beer when throwing darts, a bar in the games room is the perfect recipe for a fun game experience.

3. Gaming Chairs

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you know how important good furniture is. Often overlooked in a gaming setup, having the correct gaming chairs can enhance your experience dramatically by giving you good posture while being comfortable.

Look at these garden games room ideas from our customers

garden room with steps and seating area

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