Top 6 Insulated Garden Office Benefits

11th September 2023

An insulated garden office is a must-have for any household; whether you’re a hybrid worker or operating a budding home business, you need a space to work from, suitable for year-round use.

If you’re thinking about getting a garden office for your home, one major aspect to think of is insulation! Often overlooked, insulated garden offices make a massive impact when working from home. We’ve all either worked in chilly or sweltering conditions; a fully insulated garden room however, keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer.


About insulated garden offices…

An insulated garden office is a quality manufactured building that is completely detached from the home and built using the same premium grade materials used in modern houses. This creates a detached space that is effectively an extension to your home, and as a result, is completely comfortable to use in any season.

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Why insulated garden offices are suitable for year round use?

Our fully insulated garden offices are designed to keep you warm, dry or cool all year long! The walls, roofs and floors are designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility for quality assurance, ensuring the outside elements stay at bay. Here’s how we make our garden offices fully insulated for year-round use!

Breathable design

The breathability of our garden offices allow vapour to evaporate and travel outside to ensure a dry internal space. This design eliminates potential mold buildup and damage to the interior walls.

Premium double glazing

The high-quality glazing within our buildings, doors and windows boasts Pilkington K opti-white double glazing, making our insulated garden offices efficient when it comes to thermal efficiency.

Epoxy resin roof

The epoxy resin used on the roofs means that they are 100% maintenance-free as well as being fully insulated. The reinforced steel roofing has the capability to hold up to 220kg of weight per square meter, meaning it can handle heavy snow and rain downfall. 

Heating included

All Green Retreats garden rooms come with a walled-mounted radiator as standard! The fully insulated garden office keeps the heat generated by the radiator inside the building to provide thermal comfort in chilly temperatures effectively. We also offer various heating upgrades, including underfloor heating.

Air-conditioning available

For optimal temperature control, our optional air-conditioning units emit soothing cool air during scorching summer, so you can keep working comfortably. Achieve the utmost professional office atmosphere by opting for air-conditioning.

To learn more about our garden building processes, click here for more information.

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Top 6 benefits of an insulated garden office

1. Work all year-round

A fully insulated garden office means you can work comfortably no matter the weather. In the summer, you can open the bi-fold doors and embrace the benefits of working in the fresh air. The same bi-fold doors help insulate the garden office in winter when closed for efficient thermal comfort.


2. Free from the distractions of home

A home office that is detached from the main dwelling is a fantastic way to increase productivity. Taking yourself away to a quiet retreat eliminates potential stresses, distractions, and noises so you can focus on the task at hand.


3. A professional space

Just because you working from home, doesn’t mean you can’t have a professional work setup. A garden office allows you to create a workspace that perfectly suites your profession; this is extremely important if your business means clients will be stopping by from time to time. Keep your work separate from your home with an insulated garden office.

See how our customers have used their garden rooms as home businesses

Diagonal angle of garden hair salon with some of the garden on show

4. Work-life balance

Achieving the optimal work/life balance can be difficult. Not knowing when to clock out because you were working from the sofa isn’t going to promote healthy habits. Working in a garden office can drastically improve this by bettering your work output while improving your life at home by leaving work at the office, not at home.


5. Better Value Than Renting Office Space

Owning an insulated garden office is better value for money in the long run rather than renting office space. Instead of worrying about monthly rent payments, re-invest that outgoing on something fruitful. Owning a garden office will add value to your home while investing in your business.



6. 30-second commute

A well-insulated garden office means you can work away from home without the commute. Having an office in the garden saves time and money on your commute, giving you more cash in your pocket and less time spent on motorways and train lines.

Large garden office in a sunny garden

Start your garden office journey today!

Starting from as little as £11,732, you can have your very own insulated garden office! With over 70 size configurations available, you can fully customise an insulated garden office to your exact requirements. Whether you need a cosy and compact 2m x 2m office or a spacious 10m x 3m board room, you can design what you need at Green Retreats.

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