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The Benefits Of A Home Gym

Home gyms are one of the most popular uses of our garden rooms. They are a huge part of shaping the fitness world and are changing the way fitness fanatics exercise from the comfort of their own home.


What Are The Benefits Of A Home Gym?

With exercise being so popular for numerous reasons, this inevitably causes the cost of gym memberships to increase. This means that the trend of home gym rooms is also rising, and becoming a more frequent home addition to accommodate home workouts.

Home workouts can be much more cost-effective than forking out for gym contracts and memberships. Not only this, but you can allow yourself time to partake in home workouts without feeling rushed. A home gym has an abundance of benefits, so if you’re debating whether or not a home gym is right for you, we have listed some of the top benefits of a home gym.



No Need To Travel

The most gruelling part of going to a public gym is the journey there. Some people are fortunate and live within walking distance of a gym, but this can be a nuisance after a long day at work. Even if your gym is not within walking distance and only takes a short car journey, it can be difficult to build up the motivation to go due to the travel time, traffic and home arrival time.

Not only this but if you travel to and from the gym by car even short journeys will begin to take their toll on your fuel consumption over time. Garden gyms are a fantastic option for those who find it difficult to motivate themselves to work out after a long day. Visiting the gym has never been so easy. Being situated just a short walk away at the end of your garden, you will have much more motivation to get in shape when you can see your gym from your bedroom window!

For some people, travelling to and from the gym after work can be what prevents them from going. Those who live a very hectic lifestyle will not have the time to religiously visit the gym. A home gym means that you can fit home workouts in after work or in your spare time and make life more convenient – a very popular benefit of a home gym!


woman exercising on gym equipment


No Sharing Equipment Or Waiting Times

If you have a favourite machine at the gym or want to focus on a specific part of your exercise regime, you will need particular machines and equipment. With public gyms, you are sharing space and equipment with other gym users.

This means that the equipment you need will not always be free for instant use. If you go to the gym for a quick session and find somebody on the equipment you need, this could extend your trip and you could end up spending longer there than you anticipated. If you are a fitness fanatic, having your own gym equipment for use whenever can help you get in shape quicker as it is available for use whenever you please. Home gyms allow you to use the gym on your terms for however long you want without the hurdle of other people pushing back your session.

Would this be your favourite benefit of a home gym? 


No Monthly Payments & Being Tied Into Lengthy Contracts

Monthly payments and lengthy gym contracts are a massive off-put for a lot of people who want to exercise. A lot of people will sign up to their local gym and pay money for their membership each month. However, they then cannot find the time to go to the gym and life takes over, but they still pay for their membership.
With money going down the drain on an unused gym membership, the money could be better spent on building yourself a home gym. Our garden rooms create the perfect environment for intensive home workouts. With insulation, plumbing and electricals all included in the installation you have everything needed for a fully functioning home gym, in the comfort of your own home.

As well as monthly payment plans, gyms tend to try and tie their customers in with a contract. This means that even if you decide that you want to cancel your membership midway through the year, you will still continue to pay your membership fee. For example, if you joined a gym and then decided after 6 months that you no longer wanted to go and cancelled your membership, it is likely you would have to pay the balance of the remaining 6 months of the contract. So joining a public gym may seem like a great way to get fit, but it can quickly become a financial burden when you no longer need or want it.


signing a contract


Available 24 Hours 7 Days A Week

The constant availability of a home gym is often what appeals to homeowners. Studies have shown that exercising can dramatically diminish the feeling of anxiety and reduce stress levels. Because of this, some people enjoy having a gym in their home that is always accessible. Having a home gym allows those who enjoy exercising as part of their daily routine to relax and relieve themselves of stress through exercise.

Not only this but for homeowners who have a busy lifestyle, a home gym with permanent access allows them to fit exercise into their tight schedule. Early morning gym sessions before work are plausible when the gym is at the bottom of your garden. You can finish your gym session at home in the time that it would take you to drive to a gym and change into your gym gear!


Relax When You Exercise

Another common issue that people have with the gym is they feel that all eyes are on them. If you haven’t been to the gym before and are a newbie, it can be daunting and you may feel like you aren’t entirely sure what you’re doing. Although this is not the case and there are plenty of friendly people at the gym that would be more than happy to help you, for some people, it is really difficult to overcome it.

This is a common reason that some people decide to build their own home gym. This way they can exercise undisturbed and in peace without feeling like all eyes are on them. It also allows new gym goers to have time to learn how to use the equipment and to find a gym regime that best suits them.

woman on exercise ball in garden room


The Whole Family Can Stay Healthy!

Our garden buildings are perfect for use as a garden gym shed. If you have teenagers or older children who are interested in fitness or even want to do a bit of exercise every week just to stay healthy, there is plenty of room for you to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Teenagers and younger children may not be old enough to go to the gym unattended, and may not be able to afford gym memberships. A home gym means that you and the whole family can keep fit and healthy from the comfort of your own home! Not only is this good for keeping your family in shape, but family exercise sessions can also be fun and something interesting and new for your family to do together. This is certainly one of the bonding benefits of a home gym!



Enquire About Our Garden Gyms Today!

We have now installed our garden rooms as a home gym numerous times. They’re one of the most common uses of our garden rooms as they’re so convenient and versatile. Our garden rooms are available in various sizes, meaning you can create a garden gym that is suited to you, as well as the size of your garden. You can purchase gym equipment to install in your garden gym for year-round exercise!

Our garden gyms vary in size to suit various different property types and layouts, we also offer smaller options which are also perfect for year-round use. Overall our garden gyms are a cost-effective way of bringing regular exercise into your home without the need for expensive memberships or going to and from a public gym. Request your free brochure below or book to visit our showrooms!

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Our garden rooms are priced based on the internal sizes rather than the exterior footprint, making it easier for you to plan your space. The price includes base, installation and VAT so there are no (nasty) surprises when it comes to final payment!


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