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Mancave Ideas | Creating space for fun at home

Creating space for fun at home


Mancave Ideas | A mancave is a space at home that is dedicated to fun, relaxation and maybe a hobby or two. Usually, a mancave is an unorthodox space that you typically wouldn’t find inside a traditional home set up. 

Creating fun at home is important, and a mancave is a simple way to do it! Every human of any gender or age to enjoy fun, games and sports. That’s why we’ve explored some great mancave ideas to get you inspired…


Lockdown in 2020

In England, we are about to enter our second lockdown of 2020. Staying at home is the simple instruction to help keep everyone safe, and as simple as that instruction is – it takes a big toll on all of our lives.

This is why it is so important to create an environment at home that is positive and enjoyable, to ensure that your mental wellbeing and family relationships are protected too.



About Mancaves


Benefits of a garden room mancave:

Having a garden room building installed is a great way to create a perfect mancave space at home. 

  • Detached from the home for total privacy and noise control. 
  • Fully insulated for year-round use.
  • Cheaper than an extension or other traditional home extension options.

garden pub with bi-fold doors



At Green Retreats we have 4 garden room designs to choose from with each design available in over 70 size configurations. This means we are sure to have a mancave design that fits your available space and needs.


Large garden Mancaves

Large garden mancaves are ideal for your bigger mancave ideas. Perfect for pool tables, arcades games or large screen TVs. A large garden building also gives you the best opportunity to create a multi-purpose garden room with the help of smart furnishing or our partition wall options. How about a games room and office in one?!

large mancave garden room


Small garden mancaves

A small garden room is a great mancave solution when space is tight. If your mancave plans don’t need large scale equipment then there is a whole lot that can be done with a smaller space. 

Exterior of Inspiration with bi-folds open looking into man cave with man on bar stool and garden furniture in front of the building


Completely customisable

Every Green Retreats garden building comes as a blank canvas for you to create your perfect mancave. We include all of the essentials and building options for you to create an environment ready for furnishing with whatever ideas you have. 

Choose from a range of cladding options, internal lighting, flooring, doors and windows, sizes and much more… the rest is up to you!



Mancave Ideas:


You might have your mancave ideas already, but if not why not get inspired by some of our previous customer projects:


Cinema Room

This mancave idea is fun for the whole family. Garden cinemas aren’t just a summertime activity when your cinema is situated in a fully insulated garden room. Get creative by adding a bar section complete with snacks so you get the full cinema experience.

garden cinema room with bi-fold doors


Games Room

Many rooms in traditional houses aren’t the right shape, size or location in the house to suit being a games room. This is why a garden games room is the perfect solution. You can design the perfect shape and size to suit whatever games you have in mind. 

garden games room


Garden Bar

With many people working from home at the moment, sometimes it’s hard to escape the working day. Creating a fun and exciting garden bar gives you an excuse to get away, relax and reset. 

garden bar in the evening


Garden Pub

Going to the pub is a Great British pastime, so creating one at home – especially in the current climate – just makes sense! A garden pub is a great place to escape the stresses of day to day life as well as maintaining a bit of normality during this pandemic. 

garden bar with beer taps


Sports Room

Making space at home to fully appreciate your favourite sport is often met with some resistance from the rest of your household. Finding something that everyone enjoys is tough, so take yourself out of the equation and out of the house for that matter! A sports room can be your escape to watch your sport, play your sport or display all of your cherished memorabilia. 

pool balls on pool table



Start Designing

Online 3D Configurator: Design your building your way using our online 3d configurator. Explore the range of options available to you whilst getting a picture of what the finished building will look like. Play around with ideas and let your garden building come to life on your screen. And as part of our transparent pricing policy, a running total and full quote are provided throughout – helping you to keep to budget. 

Free Design Consultation: Our experienced and knowledgeable team of design consultants can help make your ideas a reality. Either in person at your site or via video conference call, we will listen to your plans, take a look at the desired location and generate a picture and a price for the extra space you are looking for. Book your free design consultation by clicking here…



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